Razorcake Podcast #480 with Thirsty Thursdays, Presented by The Dollar Boys

Thirsty Thursdays, Presented by The Dollar Boys is a highly unorganized group of individuals who get together to play the best and worst of old and new, punk, hardcore, and god knows what else. Come for the music, stay for the memories.

Botch, “Spaim”, “Japam” An Anthology of Dead Ends 12” EP (Hydra Head)
Kylesa, “No Remorse” Self-titled LP (Prank)
– – –
Xetas, “The Ashes” The Redeemer LP (12XU)
Pissed Jeans, “The Love Clown” “I Don’t Need Smoke to Make Myself Disappear” B/W “The Love Clown” 7” (Sub Pop)
The Suicide File, “I Hate You” Some Mistakes You Never Stop Paying For (Indecision)
Crass, “Bata Motel” Penis Envy LP (Crass)
Eyehategod, “Southern Discomfort” Split with 13 7” (Slap A Ham)
– – –
Cock Sparrer, “Riot Squad” Shock Troops LP (Captain Oi)
System System, “The Wanderer” Isolation LP (Psychic Pain)
Man Is The Bastard, “No Concern for the Inhuman” First Music 7” (Deep Six)
Ruiner, “Repitition” Prepare to be Let Down (Bridge 9)
– – –
Memory Loss, “Wild” Self-titled 7” (Vinyl Conflict)
The Repos, “Flame Still Burns” Ending on a Positive Note 12” (Youth Attack)
Disfear, “Rat Race” Misanthropic Generation LP (Feral Ward)
Bastard Sons Of The Apocalypse, “The Horror” Merciless Slaughter 7” (540)
– – –
Discharge, “Doomsday” State Violence State Control 7” (Havoc)

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