Razorcake Podcast #455 with Kayla Greet

Hello again! Here’s another Razorcake podcast for your listening pleasure. This time we’re live. Well, the songs are at least. When I go to shows, I want to be present. Sure I’ll fire off a few quick pictures, but I like to watch the set with my eyes and not my phone. Sometimes I have to watch bands through the phone of the person in front of me and I just want to smack their mobile device out of their hands. Once I saw Bad Religion and stood in the back, but that didn’t stop this random drunk girl from periodically jumping in front of me to Snapchat a selfie with her back to the band. I feel irritated just from having typed that.

My point is that if you’re at a live show, you should be live too. Dance around, pump your fist in the air, belt out the songs along with the band, hi-five a friend. Just keep your damned phone out of your hands! So my solution is to hit record on my voice memos and put my device back in my pocket. I have tons of live recordings of shows now and I figured I might as well share those with someone else. And these songs in particular are (mostly) all the last ones in a set. That moment when your shirt is soaked in sweat, your voice is about to go out, and your muscles ache from all the smooth moves you’ve been doing – these are all of those.

Descendents, “Catalina” Milo Goes to College (New Alliance) live at the Neptune, Seattle
Dead Bars, “Los Marineros” Self-titled EP (No Idea) live at the Victory Lounge, Seattle
Beach Slang, Jawbreaker’s “Bad Scene Everyone’s Fault” Dear You, live at the Vera Project, Seattle
– – –
The Bollweevils, “Sundown” History of The Bollweeviles Part I (Go Deaf) live at the Viper Room, Los Angeles
Dillinger Four, “!!Noble Stabbings!!” Situationist Comedy (Fat Wreck Chords) live at the Echoplex, Los Angeles
Night Birds, “Can’t Get More Clean” The Other Side of Darkness (Grave Mistake) live at the Black Lodge, Seattle
Off With Their Heads, “Clear the Air” In Desolation (Epitaph) live at Studio 7, Seattle
– – –
Cayetana, “Hot Dad Calendar” Nervous Like Me (Tiny Engines) live at the Sunset Tavern, Seattle
Dyke Drama, “You Can Count on Me” Up Against the Bricks (Salinas) live at the Vera Project, Seattle
Listen Lady, “PMA Can Suck My Butt” unreleased, live at the Victory Lounge, Seattle
Lemuria, “In a World of Ghosts…” The First Collection Self-released, live at the Sunset Tavern, Seattle
– – –
Radioactivity, “Pretty Girl” Silent Kill (Dirtnap) live at the Black Lodge, Seattle
toyGuitar, “Loose in a Room” In This Mess (Fat Wreck Chords) live at the Funhouse, Seattle
The Menzingers, “Obituaries” On the Impossible Past (Epitaph) live at Neumos, Seattle

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