One Punk’s Guide to Free Jazz by Mike Faloon

Much of the best punk exists beyond the common narrative. The same holds true for jazz.

“The weirdos of America have always been ignored but have always made great shit happen.” –Taylor Ho Bynum

Webcomic Wednesday #396 by Silas Haglund

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A Eulogy for 1919 Hemphill by the People Who Ran It, By Rick V. and many ex-1919 Hemphill Volunteers

Some of the people I met there as literal children are now some of my best friends. Punk’s not dead, but 1919 Hemphill is.

Razorcake Presents: Acoustic Guitars and Emotional Scars

Come Out and get real with an evening of deep feelz and excavating the bullshit ♥ Featuring Cristy Road, Candace Hansen, and CJ Miller

Deb Frazin Photo Column—Goodbye Cafe Nela

This is the column I’d hoped I would never have to write: My farewell to Cafe Nela.

Lorien Lamarr Photo Column—Hex Girlfriends

I caught up with them in August at the Meadworks where they played a suicide prevention benefit that included circus arts performances and a kombucha tasting.

Razorcake Podcast #658 with Johnny and Elwood

Looks like things are going south for Johnny And Elwood.

Razorcake Issue #76 from 2013 featuring Criminal Code, White Murder, Rational Anthem, and Punk In Indonesia

“We are all devices, novelties forced to feel like necessities.” –Criminal Code

Webcomic Wednesday #395 “Egon Forever!” by Andre Lux

egon forever webcomic razorcake

See more of Egon Forever here /// Do you or your friends make webcomics that would fit well here at Razorcake? Send an email (and comics or links to comics) to our editors: or

Stephe Perry’s Punk Rock Radio Journey by Daniel Makagon

Stephe Perry has been an important staple in Toronto’s punk rock radio landscape. He has witnessed both positive and negative changes in radio coverage of punk and he has been an important community member who seeks to help people learn about Toronto’s rich hardcore history.