Interview Podcast with Rival Mob by Todd Taylor and Madeline Bridenbaugh

Thuggy hardcore made by older guys; that’s Rival Mob in a nutshell.

Webcomic Wednesdays #220 “Kurthulhu” Part 4, by Jeff Kahn and Morgan Hale

Read more for the entire comic series

I Don’t Deserve Friends by Jamie L. Rotante

I’m pretty lucky that my social anxiety hasn’t completely isolated me from my friends and loved ones, which leads to the important question… do I really deserve their friendship?

Interview with Frank Discussion and D.H. Peligro of the Feederz by David Ensminger

Throughout four decades of endless conflict and upheaval, the music of Feederz has been sporadic, vociferous, and mysterious; recently reformed in the ascendancy of Trump, their newest cuts on What Would Hitler Do? (an EP on Slope Records) are timely and barbed, likely making people feel as thrilled, angered, and “woke” as the past.

Tiffany Scandal reading podcast, presented by Gorsky Press

Tiffany Scandal reads an excerpt from her novel Shit Luck.

Eden Kittiver Photo Column – Lysolgang

Lysolgang’s catchy songs and lively energy have everyone wanting to join the gang.

Razorcake Podcast #450 with Susan de Place

Party Songs. Happy 15th!

Western Addiction Podcast Interview by Todd Taylor and Clara Acosta [revised]

Western Addiction is a band that exists in the gaps. Between Black Flagian hardcore and Black Sabbathian hard rock. Between Bad Religion’s “what the fuck was that word?” and Motörhead’s lizard brain motto of “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.” The words are compelling, the beat undeniable.

Webcomic Wednesdays #219 by Rosie Gonce

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Featured Record Reviews from Razorcake Issue 97: Bad Future, Bleeders, Career Suicide, Girl Power, Hot Tip, Maniac

“Girl Power’s self-titled nuclear 7” is as fierce as Elizabeth Warren’s stance on Wall Street bankers.” –Simone Carter