Razorcake 109, featuring The Schizophonics, Chip Kinman (The Dils), Dysnea Boys, and One Punk’s Guide to Crime Novels

Razorcake 109

“I always want to have as much conviction behind what I’m doing as I possibly can.” –Pat, Schizophonics

Webcomic Sundays #358 by Chainsaw Cathy Hannah

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Daisy Noemi Photo Column—Alice Bag


Alice Bag shakes Dorothy’s chandeliers.

Razorcake Podcast #622 with Horny Wave

Big Cat and Gothic Frat Boy playing all of your favorite horny hits.

Webcomic Wednesdays #357 by Chris Kill

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Razorcake Podcast #621 with Johnny and Elwood

Forget MTV, this is J&E unplugged.

Webcomic Sundays #356 by Jayda Abello

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Lorien Lamarr Photo Column – GILT


Equal parts ennui and blind rage. GILT makes me feel less alone in my anger. They express some of these feelings better than I’ve been able to put into words myself.

Razorcake Podcast #620 with Ska Phase

Three DIY punks discuss their love for one of the most maligned and under appreciated genres associated with punk: ska.

Webcomic Wednesdays #355, “Egon Forever!” by Andre Lux

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