Razorcake Issue #74 from 2013 with Birthday Suits, Careeners, The Secret Society Of The Sonic Six, Death, One Punk’s Guide to Science Fiction, and An Intentionally Bad Capitalist’s Take on the Internet


“We encourage other people to GET NAKED. We are okay with that.” –Birthday Suits

Razorcake Podcast #638 with Thirsty Thursdays Presented By The Dollar Boys

Thirsty Thursdays, Presented by The Dollar Boys is a highly unorganized group of individuals who get together to play the best and worst of old and new, punk, hardcore, and god knows what else. Punk podcast. Come for the music, stay for the memories.

Webcomic Wednesdays #373 by Steve Thueson

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Razorcake Podcast #637 with Jennifer Federico – Slow Jams

I thought it would be fun to do a Slow Jams podcast for those of you out there who like to slow dance with your honey around the kitchen (or, I suppose, any room in the house!).

Webcomic Sundays #372 by Chainsaw Cathy Hannah

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Lorien Lamarr Photo Column – Ramona


The first time I saw Ramona they joked that they were more than a just a meme-sharing group of friends; they also had sick tracksuits. That’s the kind of attitude I want from my pop punk: self aware with a sense of humor.

Razorcake Podcast #636 with Kurt Morris

Better late than never.

One Punk’s Guide to Electronic Music Pioneer and Disco Producer Patrick Cowley by Billups Allen

During his short career, he released electrocuted versions of rock’n’roll, morose electronic masterpieces, and quality pornographic soundtracks. But Cowley is best known as a disco producer who broadened the definition of electronic dance music.

Webcomic Wednesdays #371 by Eskander Fairweather

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Razorcake Podcast #635 with Johnny and Elwood

Yorkshire is a place, Yorkshire is a state of mind.