Webcomic Sundays #316 “House Show Part 2” by Mikie Manzer

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Daisy Noemi Photo Column, Sister Mantos

Sister Mantos by Daisy Noemi

Sister Mantos performs at Echo Park Rising.

John Miner Interview Podcast by Ever Velasquez and Todd Taylor

John Miner has not only been in a few bands, partied (underage allegedly) at the OG Mr. T’s Bowl (rest in peace ) pre-gentrification, created some real rad art, taught half the people we know how to screenprint, has some really sweet taste in all things vintage, but also has some tasty, recently acquired 45s from his recent trip to Michigan.

The Big Sleep by Jamie L. Rotante


An examination of my history of using sleep as a method of anxiety avoidance.
One Punk’s Look at Social Anxiety, Neuroticism and Other Fun Stuff

Webcomic Wednesday #315 by Madi Strong

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Razorcake Podcast #584 The CandoHando Funtime Radio Hour Holiday Special with Emily Twombly


Featured Record Reviews from Razorcake 106: The HIRS Collective


Webcomic Sundays #314 “House Show Part 1” by Mikie Manzer

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Louis Jacinto Photo Column – Halloween with Nervous Gender

Louis Jacinto Photo Column - Nervous Gender

this night was just plain wild! It was Halloween and everyone was there— punks, disco kids, the artsy/fartsy crowd, rock and rollers, and the very, very curious. The band tore up our eardrums then tore up their instruments! That’s what I was doing forty years ago!

Razorcake Podcast #583 with Thirsty Thursdays Presented By The Dollar Boys

All Hell Breaks Loose