Fuck Trump By Todd Taylor

Making Razorcake for the past sixteen years isn’t ceremonial. It’s a deliberate act. One that is highly personal. It takes an incredible amount of energy and organization on a very limited budget. It’s hard work. It’s physical labor. It’s also a project—and a small, living symbol—that includes some of my favorite people on the planet who are in Trump’s crosshairs right at this moment.

Razorcake Issue #49 from April/May 2009, Featuring Shark Pants, Holly Golightly, In Defence, Vitamin X, and Louis Jacinto

A lot of people were very unhappy with how many times we reviewed Dillinger Four’s Civil War in the previous issue. I mean, people complained to me about it a decade later. My response: fanzine = fan + zine.

Razorcake <3’s Drinking Beer & Listening to Records - February Edition

We’re excited to be heading back to Footsies Saturday February 11th, where we’re blowing off some post-inauguration steam with a killer rendition of our patented punk rock happy hour. This month we’re stoked to bring in an all-start rotation of vinyl selectors in Dumbag Daryl, Meztli Dagger, and Jade One-Hitter!

Daisy Noemi Photo Column – Shannen Roberts (Cusi Coyllur)

Shannen Roberts spends some down time in DTLA.

Razorcake Podcast #438 with Kurt Morris

A Hers and His Podcast

All Razorcake Records Releases 50% 0ff!

Buy some records!

Webcomic Wednesdays #207, “Kurthulhu” by Jeff Kahn and Morgan Hale

Read more to begin the on-going series “Kurthulhu”.

Razorcake #96 now available, featuring Pedal Strike, Fur Coats, Sharkpact, and One Punk’s Guide to Rap Music by Chris L Terry

“…if you want to impose a ban on my family’s ability to physically come visit me, force anyone to register into some kind of Muslim database, and continue to ostracize, oppress, and demonize myself and others like me, I will be your loudest, angriest, most unrelenting nightmare. I am a warrior and I come from a very long ancestral line of warriors. Just try and fuck with me, or my family; I am generations strong and you don’t fucking scare me.” –Donna Ramone

Featured Zine Reviews from Razorcake Issue 95: New Wave Chicken, Every Day Failures, A Diy Guide to Searching for Weird Shit, Maximum Rock’n’roll, and Xerography Debt

Author Sarah B. has a way of being blunt that sticks with, just like the best punk songs. –Bryan Static, EVERY DAY FAILURES #1

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column – No Statik

Frenetic energy of No Statik.