One Punk’s Guide to Science Fiction by Katie Dunne

Originally printed in Razorcake #74 June/July 2013, here is a printable PDF of Katie Dunne’s One Punk’s Guide to Science Fiction

In the same way punk rock has been a refuge to weirdos, losers, and outcasts, sci-fi has served as a safe place for experimentation and boundary breaking.

“All struggles are essentially power struggles, and most are no more intellectual than two rams knocking their heads together.”
–Octavia Butler

The pages are sequential. We figured out how to do it on our end, but, man, printers are wildly different.
Here’s how you can do it:
To print this PDF using Adobe Reader (download free here)
(You need a printer with the ability to print on both sides on pieces of paper.)
Open Adobe Reader / Print
Pages to Print: All
Print / Under “Page Sizing and Handling,” select “booklet”
Booklet subset: Both sides
Sheets from: 1 to last page (varies zine to zine)
Binding: Left
Orientation: Portrait
The preview should show the back and front cover.

This zine is also available directly from Razorcake for $1

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