Lol Tolhurst Interview and Reading Podcast with Jim Ruland

Jim Ruland, Razorcake contributor and host of Vermin on the Mount, interviews Lol Tolhurst, one of the founding members of the legendary post-punk band The Cure. They discuss Lol’s book Cured: The Tale of Two Imaginary Boys with a focus on the early days of Lol’s friendship with Robert Smith when they were “the only two punks in Crawley.”

Lol Tolhurst is a musician, author, and performer. He is perhaps best known as a founding member of the band that virtually invented alternative music, The Cure.  Cured, The Tale of Two Imaginary Boys, was published by Da Capo Press in 2016 and the paperback version came out late last year. The book tells the story of The Cure through the lens of Lol’s friendship with Robert Smith, and includes fascinating stories from the early days of the band, the tumultuous period when Lol was kicked out of the Cure, and Lol’s subsequent move to Los Angeles where he still lives today.

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