John Miner Interview Podcast by Ever Velasquez and Todd Taylor

John Miner has not only been in a few bands, partied (underage allegedly) at the OG Mr. T’s Bowl (rest in peace ) pre-gentrification, created some real rad art, taught half the people we know how to screenprint, has some really sweet taste in all things vintage, but also has some tasty, recently acquired 45s from his recent trip to Michigan.


O-Rex, “California Gurlz” 1977 Oral Recorder / Private Press
– – –
Splash, “I-DEE-I” 1983 Kandr Records
Razer, “Don’t Be Tame” 1978 Snap Crackle Rock
ZOT The Guitar, “Third World War” Private Press
– – –
The Hideous Strength, “More Powerful Than A Steaming Locomotive”
Dangerous Diane And The Dinettes With Duh Detroit Band, “Potentially Dangerous” D.A.M. Records
Chainsaw, “Polaroid Pictures” 1978 C.I.A Records
– – –
Sturgeon, “Prescription” 1986 Private Press
Nerve Breakers, “My Girlfriend Is A Rock” 1978 Wild Child Records
The Slickee Boys, “Girls Want to Be with Girls” 1978 Limp
Shackle, “Mr . Tripper” 1979 Hybrid Records
– – –
The Gizmos, “Kiss Of The Rat / Pumpkin To The Playboy” 1977 Gulcher Records
The Mutants, “So American” FTM Records
– – –
The Dogs, “Teen Slime” 1976 Rave Up Records