Eden Kittiver Photo Column – Anti-Flag

Eden Kittiver Photo Column – Anti-Flag

Eden Kittiver Photo Column – Anti-Flag 

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With so many years of success, Anti-Flag has the ability to sell out big venues and concert halls, but in promotion of their new album American Fall, the band played a series of free in-store performances, one of which was at a super cool record store in Long Beach, Calif. called Fingerprints.

I’m so lucky I had the chance to go to this show. It was the day before I left to Florida for Fest, so I would’ve missed it if it was just a day later. But I went down there anyways and spent a wonderful evening with my friends shouting about hating the government and all that classic Anti-Flag stuff.

Anti-Flag’s newest album, American Fall focuses on a lot of serious matters like sexism, racism, and bigotry. My favorite track on the record is called “Racists” and that’s exactly what it’s about: eloquent lyrics addressing a very serious matter.

Anti-Flag is one of my favorite bands to see live and their new record is definitely worth a listen.


Racists (Lyric Video) by Anti-Flag.


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