FIRE PIT #1, $4, 5 ½” x 8 ½”, 63 pgs.

There is much in this world to feel downright shitty and pissed off about, but a collection of writers and poets dedicating their time and effort to create “a flicker of humanity” is well worth celebrating.

Webcomic Wednesdays #200 by Brad Dwyer

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Razorcake Podcast #428 with Daryl

Avoid the die-off, support the bands, save the scene.

Razorcake Podcast #424 with Griffin Wynne

I never grew out of harboring gushy grade school crushes. And honestly, I don’t want to.

HASTE: Self-titled: CS

This is a cassette of competent, grizzly hardcore in a style perfected by Black Flag and their derivatives in the ‘80s. It doesn’t strike me as especially unique, but it has its ear-wormy riffs and breakdowns. Hardcore of this kind is classic for a reason. Haste gets the job done. –Lyle (Savage Era, no address listed)

PU$$Y-COW: A Photograph of the Time We Laughed: 7”

I absolutely adore this record! Razorcake’s own Joe Dana provides the vocals on these four new, hilarious Pu$$y-Cow tunes about key topical issues like drinking at a straight edge wedding. Comedic, jokey bands can be hard to stomach when the music accompanying the chuckles can’t carry its own weight, but that’s never an issue for

TOXICS, THE: Self-titled: 10”

Garage punk from Finland! Wailing vocals and grimy guitar. The whole thing is rockin’. I’d definitely go see them! –Becky Rodriguez (Blast Of Silence, info@blastofsilence.org, blastofsilence.org / Kizmiaz, kizmiazrecords@gmail.com, kizmiazrecords.bandcamp.com) Share this post:

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