Video Reviews

Dicks from Texas, The: DVD

Gary began to lick the remaining blood off of my hand, as the band played merrily onward. This free exchange of bodily fluids remains, arguably, the punkest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

Dicks from Texas, The: DVD

The Dicks from Texas doc does a good job capturing a time and a place, the magic of the early punk/hardcore scene of Austin, Texas.

Featured DVD Review From Issue #91: The Faction Destroys O.C.

This is an amazing document featuring one of the best,
unsung bands in West Coast hardcore history.

Oh Cool! Popular E.D.M.: VHS

This VHS cassette video is spliced, diced, fuzzed-out, and clipped tidbits of blockbuster and B movies, TV shows, some infomercials, U2 concert footage—it pretty much runs the gamut. E.D.M. plays over all this, cutting in and out just as randomly as the footage.

Faction Destroys O.C., The—Cab’s 50th B-Day Bash: DVD

The Faction, at some point around 2014, got back together to play some shows, culminating in this DVD which was filmed at guitarist (and legendary pro skater) Steve Caballero’s fiftieth birthday party.

Everywhere Else Makes Me Sick Vol. II: DVD

Filmed like a cable access video, Everywhere Else Makes Me Sick features three Hamilton (Ontario) bands: Black Baron, Burn Victim, and Born Wrong.

I Need a Dodge: Joe Strummer on the Run: DVD

For me, Strummer is on par with Bob Marley or Fela Kuti. World music. Transcendence. This story is another side of a brilliant and fascinating figure.

Featured DVD Review from Issue #89: Records Collecting Dust

Fucking great idea. 

Records Collecting Dust: DVD

This is the type of endearingly brilliant concept every half-baked and would-be-baked filmographer in the world punts themselves in the ass for not thinking of first shooting a documentary in which musicians just talk about the records that were important in their lives. Fuck, that’s genius in our time.

It’s Gonna Blow: San Diego’s Music Underground 1986-1986: DVD

It’s Gonna Blow is a an exceptionally entertaining look back on the San Diego music scene of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, when San Diego was coming into its own and touted as being “the next Seattle” by much of the music press.