Video Reviews

Fags, The: Light ‘Em Up 10th Anniversary: DVD

This is one reunion I didn’t see coming.

Chelsea: Live and Raw at Underworld: DVD

This video features the band playing Camden Underworld London in 2016. The cameras are right in the thick of it to capture all the blood, sweat, and beers.

Three Short Films by Jeffrey Garcia: DVD

This DVD features three short pieces: the nine-minute “Plush Bus,” eleven-minute “Lambchop,” and fourteen-minute “Terrence.”

Sad Vacation—The Last Days of Sid and Nancy: DVD

Although I am a fan of filmmaker Danny Garcia’s chosen subject matter in the past (The Clash, Johnny Thunders), I was a bit suspect of this particular story. Hadn’t the story of Sid been covered in movies like 1980’s DOA and Alex Cox’s Sid and Nancy? Apparently, I was wrong.

Damned, The—Don’t You Wish That We Were Dead: DVD

As punk bio docs go, this is one of the better ones out there, and it also serves as a great crash course on the Damned, their history, and their music.

Ted and Brenda: DVD

Gosh, this is rough. It’s a six-minute short film. I had trouble watching it since the filmmaker made the stylistic decision to drop a layer of corny fake film wear over everything, despite nothing in the plot that would merit such a choice.

Dicks from Texas, The: DVD

Gary began to lick the remaining blood off of my hand, as the band played merrily onward. This free exchange of bodily fluids remains, arguably, the punkest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

Dicks from Texas, The: DVD

The Dicks from Texas doc does a good job capturing a time and a place, the magic of the early punk/hardcore scene of Austin, Texas.

Featured DVD Review From Issue #91: The Faction Destroys O.C.

This is an amazing document featuring one of the best,
unsung bands in West Coast hardcore history.

Oh Cool! Popular E.D.M.: VHS

This VHS cassette video is spliced, diced, fuzzed-out, and clipped tidbits of blockbuster and B movies, TV shows, some infomercials, U2 concert footage—it pretty much runs the gamut. E.D.M. plays over all this, cutting in and out just as randomly as the footage.