Top 5s

Top 5s from Razorcake #93: Toys That Kill, The Falcon, Pinned In Place, Spokenest

“You are nothing but a wallet with legs to us, now drink your five Euro lager and please wear Ray Bans.” –John Miskelly

Top 5s from Razorcake #92: Dyke Drama, Lost Balloons, Pedal Strike, Red Dons, CCTV, Listen Lady

Susan de Place
Best new vinyl purchases (for debut at Razorcake/Vermin on the Mount readings with Alice Bag, Keith Morris, Michelle Gonzales, and Michael Fournier)
1. Chroma, Cuerpos Dóciles LP (huge thank you to Grave Mistake Records!)
2. Exit Order 7” EP
3. Patsy, “Eat It” b/w “Insidious Kind” 7”
4. Nots, “Fix” b/w “Modern” 7”
5. Suicidas, “Los Primeros” 7” LP (another huge thank you to DJ of Shadow Age!)