ALAN SIX: Illuminachos: CD

Seven songs of lo-fi pop punk from this band from Las Vegas. Coming across a lot like a band that might have been the opener on a bill with Tilt or Discount twenty years ago, Alan Six are solid at the style. Not nearly as good as, say, The Front or the F Bombers, but if you are a fan of mid-tempo pop punk with a rough and ragged edge, this gets the job done. –Mike Frame (Self-released,

ANCHORD: As a Real Return: LP/CD

The opening track, ingeniously entitled “Intro,” provides two minutes of simple instrumental indie rock, which I find hypnotic and could listen to on repeat for quite some time. What follows does manage to grip me, however, with an occasionally angular yet wholly indie/punk theme prevailing. This is one of those albums which have snuck up on me. Over the course of half a dozen listens, it has attached itself to the inside of my head like a barnacle on a ship’s hull. I feel warmth emanating from the songs, much in the way I do when listening to Samiam, and that is an entirely pleasing sensation. Another fine Spanish band comes to the fore on this excellent label. –Rich Cocksedge (Bcore Disc,,

ANGRY GODS: The Clearing: LP

Dissonant and, well, angry noise rock that is flat-out withering from go. These fuckers are seriously pissed off and taking it out on both the listener and their instruments. The soundtrack to your next appendectomy, sans anesthesia. –Jimmy Alvarado (Hip Kid)

AQUARIAN BLOOD: Warlock Cock: 7”

Memphis noise mongers deliver two blasts of dissonant, artsy minimalist punk with shades of psychedelia peppered throughout. Songs are brief but potent. –Jimmy Alvarado (Pelican Pow Wow,

ATOWN SLUTS: I Hate the Atown Sluts: CD

A lot of times Razorcake tries to pick out things that I’ll enjoy or at least not hate when I get it for review. But the fact of the matter is that everything has to go somewhere and sometimes I get things that I’m not crazy about. I try really hard not to judge a record before I hear it, but I am instantly turned off when you put the words “slut,” ”whore,” or “bitch” in your band name. The cover art is them biting KISS’s Destroyer, with a Billboard Hot List as their tracks on the back. Some of these low brow titles include “Let It Rot,” “I Like the Blood,” and “Pass Me the Needle.” This is shock rock about drugs and sex, and they couldn’t even make it interesting. If you’re going to cover such lewd or unimaginative topics, at least play with your words a little. Throw in a mixed metaphor or an artsy allegory. Or even just play music that is so good; you forget about the trite lyrics that come with it. A spoon full of sugar is definitely needed to get their medicine to go down for me. If you like GG Allin, I’m guessing that you might find this up your alley—next to the dumpster you just set on fire. –Kayla Greet (Self-released)