Record Reviews

#GOALS: Self-titled: CD

Three-forths of a Circle Jerks lineup—Greg, Earl, and Lucky—put together a new “project” with a different singer so’s Greg can show the swell sound of his recording studio. Things do sound quite good, but the resulting songs—largely a rock feel with a bit o’ punk thrown in and largely innocuous lyrical matter—are at best okay and at worst kinda pointless in the way that one would expect from a band put together for the purpose stated. Call it bias or unreasonably high expectations, but considering the firepower responsible for the proceedings, one can easily, and rightly, expect a bit more than “okay” songs. –Jimmy Alvarado (DC Jam,

ACTORS: It Will Come to You: LP

These Canadians have been releasing amazing single after amazing single over the past few years, finally leading up to this perfect record. If you’re a fan of post-punk, new wave, or anything closely related to those genres, then you need this record. The songs are all sharp in production, sexy, dark, and gorgeous in sound. Highly recommended. –Ryan Nichols (Artoffact,


Not to be confused with the white power band that came later, this EP is from the newly reformed Aggravated Assault that originated in New York in the mid-’80s. They’ve added NYC to the end of their name to dispel confusion with the other, better-known band. This Aggravated Assault originally had Doug Beans from Murphy’s Law on drums. A killer video of them from 1986 is on YouTube. This release self-describes as an EP and contains two excellent NYHC tracks, “The Struggle” and “N.Y. 2K.” The intense, powerfully tough vocals are by Anthony from Functional Idiots. I’m excited for the return of this group, and I look forward to a proper EP or full-length in the near future. –Art Ettinger (Self-released,

AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS: Big Attraction & Giddy Up: LP

Crunchy, punchy ‘70s punk meets ‘80s power pop from Australia. It’s a seedy romp in the most classic rock’n’roll fashion. Raunchy and lewd and not giving a fuck. While the A side is pure sex, the B side reveals a more introspective side of the Sniffers: contemplating mortality, looking for an escape to a better life, and the subsequent ode to a lost “pushbike.” Had to look up what that was. It’s a bike. Very curious to see what the future holds for Amyl And The Sniffers, because what we have here is very promising. –Daryl (Homeless)

ANMLS: Self-titled: LP

Decent tough garage punk from Santiago, Chile. Relentless and full of gang vocals, probably a good party band if you want your party to be the right level of insane. This record should come with a six pack and should be played very loud on Saturday nights. –Matt Werts (Slovenly, / Algo,

ARMEDALITE RIFLES, THE: Revel in the Beauty of the Sour Note: LP

Putrid pop punk that dabbles in being experimental which comes off sounding forced and all around pretentious. Blehhhh… This album is disjointed and sounds like a collection of outtakes. –Matt Average (Wrinky Dink,

BABYLON: Back to the Brink: 7” EP

Heavy ‘80s Brit-influenced hardcore, particularly the stuff Clay Records was putting out back then, from a buncha malcontents from Seattle. They do the sound justice, with lotsa fuzz, growling vocals, and such. –Jimmy Alvarado (Babylon,

BAD MOJOS / KICK IT!: Split: 7”

A great split coming out of Europe. First up we have Bad Mojos from Switzerland. Two blasts of lo-fi brain damage that makes me think they have a Spits record or two in their collections. I dug this enough to search them out on Bandcamp and buy a full-length album. On the flip we have Kick It! from Germany. Great hardcore punk in the vein of Funeral Oration or Autistic Youth. I picked up a full-length of theirs online as well. Both these bands are firmly on my radar now. Give ‘em a spin! –Ty Stranglehold (Kink,


It has become clear to me that we are living in a resurgence of the music of the ‘90s. While many may blanch at the thought, I’m alright with it. Bedford Falls must be happy. The Welsh band has been around for fifteen years, but their heartfelt Replacements meets Lemonheads delivery is probably sounding fresher than it has in years. Let me put it this way; when I was eighteen, I would most likely be listening to this non-stop. When I was twenty-two I would have shunned it because it wasn’t “punk” enough. Today (at forty-four, if you’re keeping track) I only separate music into stuff I like, and stuff I don’t and I really like Bedford Falls. –Ty Stranglehold (Boss Tuneage,


Welsh dudes who’ve apparently been around for some time. They’re convincing enough—this is a pensive, morose batch of songs that hearken back to ‘90s indie guitar pop shit without sounding cloying or kowtowing. It’s a bummer of a record, dense with atmosphere, and all in all it sounds pretty good. –Keith Rosson (Brassneck)