ACCÜSED A.D., THE: The Ghoul in the Mirror: LP

This is yet another old school band with two separate versions concurrently active, containing a different combination of past members. The A.D. moniker indicates that this version of The Accüsed lost the battle for the band name. There is no fan of any of these bands who digs this bullshit. Kiss and make up or form a new band with a new name. That said, this is solid crossover thrash in the same vein that the original Accüsed were known for, though with fewer ultra-fast songs. While I’m not a big enough fan to accurately compare this to their classic records, the music here is good and worth a listen for anyone into Iron Reagan, D.R.I., Toxic Holocaust, et cetera. Also of note, the song “Dirt Merchant” contains a complete ripoff of the riff from Black Sabbath’s “Sabbra Cadabra.” –Chad Williams (Blackhouse,

ADULT MAGIC: Self-titled: LP

Long Island trio that includes folks from Iron Chic, Crow Bait, and the almighty Get Bent. Melancholic, and threaded through with some big melodies. Steadfastly midtempo. Proficient enough—these folks have all been doing this a while. Ultimately, it sounds like something you might have found on an indie sampler CD in the ’90s, and that’s absolutely not a bad thing—just means it’s something you’d have gambled on and been pleasantly surprised by. The three vocalists all get their “own” songs where they sing lead, and that can be a little jarring, like it’s hard to really get my finger on the pulse of the band and what they’re aiming for. But all in all, it’s a well done, well executed affair, with contents leaning way more towards “measured consideration of contents of navel” than “an armada of fists pumping in the air,” so take that, you know, as you will. –Keith Rosson (Dead Broke)

ALUMINUM KNOT EYE: Self-titled: 7”

This band is certainly from Weirdoland and I like that about them. I don’t know what the fuck their name is about, besides seemingly being just three words selected at random. The record’s cover is a mournful looking mannequin with its limbs scattered around the room, as well as some creepy cutout pictures of robotic women—all in black and white. On the record, we get two tracks and one is a cover that I’ve never heard of called “Pantherman,” by Frank Klunhaar. I looked it up online to compare, and I think they did a great job preserving the wildness factor of the song. The A Side is an original called “Neutered and Declawed” and it is full of screams, screeches, and squeals. The root note of the melody just trudges along till the bridge when both the vocals and guitars start to growl. This band feels sloppy and out of control in a way that seems dangerous. I bet their live shows are rad as hell. –Kayla Greet (Dirty Hippy Barn)

ALUMINUM KNOT EYE: Self-titled: 7”

Two tracks of trippy noise mongering that dance on the thin border between trash rock and hardcore. Some psychedelic rock is pumped into the proceeding, with heaps of chaos slathered on top of repetitive riffing, all collected in an over-the-top delivery. The whole thing is surprisingly effective and engaging. –Jimmy Alvarado (Dirty Hippy Barn,

ANTICITIZEN: Live in AllenTown: CS

Fast, furious anarcho punk outfit AntiCitizen offer up a clean and clear recording from their set at the Tape Swap Radio stage at Allentown Artfest. All OG with the exception of the “You Suffer” cover by Napalm Death. Not bad, considering I was sure I read this book by its cover. Some serious spiky jacket shit. –Camylle Reynolds (Self-released,


Debut demo from this Hamburg dub-leaning punk band. Actually, likely more of a reggae/dub sound than punk at all. But it’s sure loud and heavy at times, filled with well-placed vocals and keys in the right places. The lyrics are extremely political, focusing on anti-fascist, direct action and immigration issues, which wasn’t what I was expecting, but is surely welcomed. –Steve Adamyk (Self-Released,

ANTI-SYSTEM: Live in Durham City: CD

This band is a perfect example of seeing the name for years but not ever actually hearing the band. There was little doubt that a band with this name and this logo is a peace punk/UK82-style band. As someone who is generally not fond of live albums, I was curious to see what first exposure to a long-running band via live recording might be like. Well, it takes no time at all to see that Anti-System fucking rip! This is a live recording from this year and it is stellar: high energy, great vocals, and real passion that is immediately inspiring and kind of amazing. Will be tracking down some studio recordings from this band very soon. –Mike Frame (Boss Tuneage)


I’ll get to the point here—Flux is a workhorse from start to finish. These Ohioans blast through their follow up to their debut EP last year without hesitation or time to breathe. From guys who helped round out Everyday Objects, Raging Nathans, Lost Hands Found Fingers, et cetera, this is hardcore-leaning tech metal at its finest; a band that could fit right in on a label like Relapse or Hydra Head back in the day. Make sure to check out their video for “Forms and Formalities” animated by Evan Wolff of Vacation, as it’s really something. –Steve Adamyk (Rad Girlfriend,

BASK: Task: CS

Bask are a Houston-based three-piece band doing really great, super catchy, and tuneful ‘90s-influenced bedroom indie rock. It’s straight up really, really good. John Sears of Bask is a Houston legend in my book—a genius type who has been putting out DIY releases on his Grey Ghost label for well over twenty years, often in hyper-limited editions, including sometimes putting out his own projects like this one. I’m convinced all of the bands he’s ever been in (or at least the ones I have known about) have been good, and this is another winner to support my theory. Seven songs total are included here, one of which is long and droney, unlike the others. Absolutely recommended. –Mark Twistworthy (Grey Ghost / Poison Moon,

BATTERY MARCH: Self-titled: CS

This came out of nowhere and what a find! Boston punk that reminds me of Peter And The Test Tube Babies musically with a hint of Choke on vocals. They cover a song by French punks Camera Silens, too. Apparently, one of the members of Camera Silens pulled a bank heist and was on the run for close to thirty years and then turned himself in? That’s a movie waiting to happen. But this release is awesome. The lyrics seem to be fixated on cops, guns, and rats. Not necessarily in that order. But that’s the world we live in today. –Sean Koepenick (Self-released,