Bollweevils Interview By Kayla Greet

We’ve gotten better.
Ken: Probably more skilled.
Mumford: Less prolific.
Daryl: I mean, we’re not as angsty.
Mumford: We’re still pretty surly.

Real True Blood: An Interview with Red Hare: D.C. History and a Nod to the Future That Is Past By David Ensminger

By the late-1980s, the D.C. scene that once embodied a zealous hardcore epoch (think Minor Threat, Faith, S.O.A.) had matured into an alternative rock’n’roll scene dominated by bands like Scream and Government Issue. Then out of nowhere emerged Swiz, a brazen, youth-oriented, savvy, post-hardcore unit that has presently remade itself as Red Hare.

Interview with VHS: Out of the Garish Lights of Reno and under the Creative Umbrella in Seattle By Ryan Nichols

Violent Human System (VHS) sat down to talk about their musical influences, Reno, steamy video store sections, Lake Tahoe’s mysteries, Seattle’s current music scene, and how they came together as a band.

David Thomas of Rocket From The Tombs and Pere Ubu Interview By Erin Schultz

In a rare, introspective conversation, David Thomas of Rocket From The Tombs and Pere ”one of the most unique and influential experimental musicians ever”
discusses his musical philosophy and history.

Beach Slang Interview By Kayla Greet

Beach Slang will pull you out of your shell before the tide comes in.
They’ll punch you right in the heart. And they’ll do it while we’re all still smiling.

This Bike Is A Pipebomb Interview by Scott Stanton

Punk is a crappy old van held together with a pickle jar lid that you
have to hobble to in the morning and drive to another show!

ИO///sé Interview by John Massel: Beach Bathroom Punk Rock Down-Stroke Purveyors

ИO///sé is a dual city, down-stroke-loving punk band, sharing members in Oakland, CA, and Portland, OR. When I talked to the boys they were gearing up for the release of their second full-length, Lower Berth. ИO///sé loves Rudimentary Peni, The Wipers, and burritos. I let them fill you in on the rest.

Gwar Interview: Nardwuar Vs. Oderus Urungus: Originally ran in Razorcake #13, 2003 By Nardwuar

There’s no level to the degree of prostitution I will whore myself out to
in order to continue my existence as a fucked-up drunken piece of shit.
RIP Oderus Urungus.

Nobunny Interview: Originally from issue #53, now an ebook with updated intro By Billups Allen

Some of the people react really strongly and bizarrely when I’m performing,
for sure, which is good.

L Henderson Interview, Trans Punk: Listen Lady, The Pillowfights, LH2020 By Kayla Greet

L Henderson speaks on being a trans person of color in punk and 
hip-hop subcultures, terminal illness, and marginalized communities.