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One Punk’s Guide to Bizarro Fiction by MP Johnson

Bizarro Fiction by MP Johnson

Bizarro Central, the online home of the genre, describes bizarro fiction as the cult section of the literary world… What ties the genre together is a commitment to doing weird, surprising shit. Elements of horror and science fiction are common. Grossness is not unusual. Humor is almost always present. However, no two bizarro books are the same.

One Punk’s Guide to African Politics by Kevin Dunn

One Punk's Guide to African Politics Kevin Dunn

Understanding today’s Africa requires a degree of historical awareness, especially of life before European conquest, the impact of colonization, and some of the major developments after independence. It is impossible to convey the diversity and complexity of African societies before European colonization in the nineteenth century.

One Punk’s Travel Guide to Indonesia By Kevin Dunn

One Punk’s Travel Guide to Indonesia

Ironically, global capitalism and its attempts to profit off of passive consumers actually led to the development of a vibrant independent, anti-capitalist DIY punk culture across Indonesia.

Payload, a short story by John Miskelly

john miskelly payload

The call of duty. The call of nature.

Lapsed Vegan, a short story by John Miskelly

Because it’s cheaper than seitan.

An Inside Job, a short story by John Miskelly

A team-building exercise slash heist slash liberation.

So… What Are You? By Rishbha Bhagi

What’s the overlap between DIY hip hop and DIY punk rock? What makes these two scenes attractive to second generation immigrants? Rishbha tells her story of growing up in Canada as the child of Indian immigrants and her exposure to punk and hip hop. She interviews other second generation immigrants involved with both DIY hip hop and punk to learn about their experiences and relate them to her own.

9/11 Never Let Me Forget, Updated and Expanded By Donna Ramone

Islam isn’t some scary, violent, woman-hating cult out of the dark deserts of Saudi Arabia. It’s practiced by twenty-three percent of the world—that’s nearly one in every four people.

I Changed at Rayners Lane, A Short Story by John Miskelly

East London pioneers expanding into foreign markets.

One Punk’s Guide to Silent Films By Donna Ramone

The Birth of a Nation… blackface slaves are stoked to be slaves, Lincoln gets assassinated, and The Ku Klux Klan was a heroic and driving force in making this country so damned great. I wish I was kidding.