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One Punk’s Guide to Electronic Music Pioneer and Disco Producer Patrick Cowley by Billups Allen

During his short career, he released electrocuted versions of rock’n’roll, morose electronic masterpieces, and quality pornographic soundtracks. But Cowley is best known as a disco producer who broadened the definition of electronic dance music.

Cava Island, a Short Story by John Miskelly


A political proposal regarding social media influencers in short fiction form.

Twelve Years – A short story by John Miskelly


“We did it in ten.”

One Punk’s Movie Guide By Mike Plante

I owe everything to movies. I wish something like this guide was around when I was a kid, but if you want something that doesn’t exist, you have to create it. I tried to keep this relatively easy to find the films (in our sad, sad age of no video stores besides the odd, lucky holdout). Many of the films are available for streaming, rent, or sale online.

This is Where I Gave up the Piano, a short story by John Miskelly

This is Where I Gave up the Piano by John Miskelly Illo by Abdul Vas

An ode to the U.K. seven percent. “What’s the word for nostalgia but when it feels bad?”

One Punk’s Guide to the Ramones by Rev. Nørb


The Ramones are the last band to exist before the Ramones invented (or at least mastered and codified) punk: They are the final band of the pre-punk era, the end of the line.

One Punk’s Guide to Professional Wrestling By James Rosario

One Punk’s Guide to Professional Wrestling By James Rosario

The wrestling arena, just like the basement or DIY venue, is somewhere you can go to be among fellow freaks and weirdos.

One Punk’s Guide to Pynchon Novels By Sean Carswell

One Punk’s Guide to Pynchon Novels

The first great thing about a Thomas Pynchon novel: it invites us to see life with more complexity. The world around us is chaos in the purest sense. The second thing about a Pynchon novel: it’s not for everyone.

The Bass, A short story by John Miskelly

The Bass by John Miskelly

A Short Tale of Everyday Capitalism

Punknews Buyout

Punknews Buyout

Fuck it. Let’s get cynical. Punknews is primarily an aggregator of releases pumped out by the public relations machines at labels at an alarming rate.