Meditation Proclamation by Jamie L. Rotante

Meditation Proclamation Illustration by Nikki Kelli

Accepting meditation as a form of self-care.

Lorien Lamarr Photo Column – Jabber

Lorien Lamarr Photo Column - Jabber

I love a basement party, but I love a basement party all that much more when I get to sing the Spice Girls with Jabber. They are about bringing together all the fun things they enjoy, mixing them together, and then sharing the result with all their friends.

Sworn Testimony: First Impressions of Despise You

For our interview with Despise You (still available in issue #107) we hit up a handful of people about their first exposure to the band. We didn’t end up having room in the mag, but here are the responses we got. Check ‘em out! I’ve been a DY nerd from day one. I can’t pinpoint

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column – Iron Reagan

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column - Iron Reagan

In an attempt to honor, showcase, remember, and celebrate how great the Richmond scene is, the people of Strange Matter put together a series of stacked shows as part of a “closing series.” On December 8, 2018 the stage was shared by Roy Batty, Cannabis Corpse, BAT, Iron Reagan, Cough, and Windhand. It’s been a ton of fun, but bittersweet all the same.

Eden Kittiver Photo Column – Snow Roller

Eden Kittiver Photo Column – Snow Roller

Snow Roller recently put out a new record Y2k that I recommend with my whole heart. I snapped this trippy cool shot with a glass prism and enhanced the colors to put a new spin on the regular old “warehouse show pic.”

Daisy Noemi Photo Column—Yaeji

Yaeji brought New York rave vibes with her house and hip hop-fused jams to The Regent Theater. It was a pleasant surprise to see so many uninhibited Angelenos sweaty dancing all night long.

One Punk Goes to the Movies: The “Die Hard” Debate By James Rosario

Die Hard James Rosario

What makes a Christmas movie? Is the presence of Santa Claus essential, or Baby Jesus? What’s the limit of the MPAA rating and how high can the body count be? These very questions were put to the test in a machine gun-toting, shoeless, violent frenzy when Die Hard was released in 1988.

Lorien Lamarr Photo Column – MakeWar

Lorien Lamarr Photo Column - MakeWar

MakeWar play gut-wrenchingly heartfelt anthemic punk and will occasionally throw inflatable whales at you.

Confronting Abuse: Small Acts of Empathy Can Make a World of Difference by Will Kenneth

Confronting Abuse, NIkki Kelly

Will tries to step in when he sees a stranger being abused, though helping someone who is being abused can be more than just trying to intervene.

Louis Jacinto Photo Column, Patti Smith

Louis Jacinto Photo Column, Patti Smith

Patti Smith was still staying close and intimate with us. And her music continued to be punk and beyond. Easter, her third album, which was the work she was promoting, is still an untouchable piece of pure art.