Louis Jacinto Photo Column—Punks


By 1979, the Whisky A Go Go realized that punk bands would always draw a large crowd. Us kids in the audience were making our own statements with how we dressed. I don’t know who this punk is; I’m hoping she sees this and remembers how she, too, changed the world!

Hanging on the Telephone by Jamie L. Rotante


A deeper look at one of my biggest fears and constant sources of anxiety: the phone.

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column—What Happens Next?


This photo captures the insanity pretty accurately with what—I assume—was a full beer dousing both me and my camera. I don’t miss the beer in my camera but I do long for the hardcore punk explosion!

Top5s from Razorcake 108: In Memory of Pete Shelley R.I.P.


Rev. Nørb
• BEST BUZZCOCKS ALBUM: A Different Kind of Tension
• BEST BUZZCOCKS SINGLE: “Everybody’s Happy Nowadays” b/w “Why Can’t I Touch It?”
• BEST BUZZCOCKS COVER ART: “Promises” b/w “Lipstick” 45

One Punk Goes to the Movies: Jean Seberg and COINTELPRO by James Rosario


The FBI’s Counterintelligence Program (COINTELPRO) was known for targeting activist groups like the Black Panther Party and the American Indian Movement. One of its most notorious operations, though, was carried out on an American actress named Jean Seberg, which eventually lead to her suicide in 1979.

Daisy Noemi Photo Column — Sista Eyerie


Sista Eyerie resonates love and resistance everywhere she goes. She’s currently getting ready to release an album where her reggae-fused hip hop beats and poetic rhymes will no doubt engage your booty shakin’, fist-raisin’ minds.

Confronting Abuse: Dealing with People Accused of Sex Abuse in DIY Spaces by Will Kenneth


We can choose how to react to news that people in our DIY spaces are accused of sex abuse. Will provides some guidance on actions we can take on how to support survivors of sex abuse and to protect others in our community.

Featured Zines Reviews Razorcake 108, Enough Is Enough, Proof I Exist, Slut City Journal, Syndicate Product


“The amount of opposition you face when you attack the police, even from an intellectual standpoint, is stunning.” –Jimmy Cooper, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: A 150 YEAR PERFORMANCE REVIEW OF THE MINNEAPOLIS POLICE DEPARTMENT

Lorien Lamarr Photo Column – The Penske File

Lorien Lamarr - The Penske File

The Penske File delivers a raw energy that inspires crowds to behave like raucous idiots. At one point a crowd surfer dove off the side stage during a song break—to no music.

Featured Record Reviews Razorcake 108 – Neighborhood Brats, Color TV, Radon, Tommy And The Commies, Marked Men


Claw Marks is a 383 mile laceration that rages harder and faster than any high-speed train ever could. –Daryl