Featured Book Reviews from Razorcake Issue 96: Prodigal Rogerson, As You Were, Vol. 5, Let’s Go to Hell

Rogerson’s antics and chronicles his post Circle Jerks career, which included a stint in a band with Kristy McNichol’s brother… and short a and mysterious military career.

Louis Jacinto Photo Column – Alice Bag 2016

Pussy Power.

Daisy Noemi Photo Column – Jeepneys (Anna Luisa Petrisko)

Jeepneys (Anna Luisa Petrisko) performs at the Hammer Museum.

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column – 9 Shocks Terror

Blistering, abrasive, raw hardcore.

Featured Record Reviews from Razorcake Issue 96: Erica Freas, The Ergs!, Generacion Suicida, Low Culture, Sex Stains, Super Unison

“This isn’t just RVIVR unplugged; it’s bare, it’s bedrock, it’s what you find in dreaming. It’s a life lived by example and the sounds that transpire from such actions. Inspiring.” –Daryl, Erica Freas: Patient Ones: LP

Julie A. Ferguson Photo Column – Strike Anywhere

Thomas Barnett of Strike Anywhere in Richmond, VA.

Anxiety in the Time of Trump by Jamie L. Rotante

My experience attempting to manage personal anxiety when national stress levels are at all-time high, and my analysis and understanding of my own coping mechanisms.

Eden Kittiver Photo Column – Pity Party

All these Oakland bands have stolen my heart. Pity Party is one of them.

Featured Record Reviews Issue #95 with Mikey Erg, Culture Shock, Deadbeats, M.O.T.O., Night Birds, and Tender Defender

Now Mikey Erg has me hoping he continues down the Mould Path (even if it means some not so great forays into the world of electronic dance), and brings the world another Copper Blue. –Vincent

Louis Jacinto Photo Column – The Screamers