Lorien Lamarr Photo Column – The Penske File

Lorien Lamarr - The Penske File

The Penske File delivers a raw energy that inspires crowds to behave like raucous idiots. At one point a crowd surfer dove off the side stage during a song break—to no music.

Featured Record Reviews Razorcake 108 – Neighborhood Brats, Color TV, Radon, Tommy And The Commies, Marked Men


Claw Marks is a 383 mile laceration that rages harder and faster than any high-speed train ever could. –Daryl

Eden Kittiver Photo Column – The Flatliners


The Flatliners always bring a great show and this one was no different. The crowd was dancing, crowd surfing, and singing along all night long!

Featured Book Reviews Razorcake 108, Why the Ramones Matter, Tucson Salvage, xXx Fanzine: Hardcore & Punk in the Eighties


“Donna Gaines has taken the lightning-fast songs of the Ramones’ oeuvre and welded her own brainy spin on their songs, their personalities, their impact, resulting in something unequivocally fresh and engrossing.” –Michael T. Fournier, Why the Ramones Matter

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column – BAT

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column - BAT

Sometimes there is just nothing better that seeing a bunch of good friends playing a perfect show and delivering a style of music in a way that I love. BAT is a new favorite.

Featured Zine Reviews Razorcake 107 – Minor Leagues, Earth First!, Real Boss Hoss, Yaawn!, Zisk


“Simon wonders whether he’ll be able to do justice to the story of losing his father to cancer. Minor Leagues is one of the best zines out there right now.” –Michael T. Fournier

Louis Jacinto Photo Column—The Know

Louis Jacinto Photo Column—The Know

Valentine formed The Know, including Richard d’Andrea and Joel Turrisi, in 1978 and was the first band to play Madame Wong’s in Los Angeles’s Chinatown. Although The Know, like Blondie, was not a punk band, both groups emerged during the initial punk scene in the late 1970s.

Featured Record Reviews Razorcake 107 – The Adolescents, Bad Sports, Dimber, Night Birds


“Rest in Peace, Steve Soto.” Thank you for leaving us with one more amazing album. –Ty Stranglehold

Sound Advice by Taleen Kali

Sound Advice by Taleen Kali

In the latest installment of “Sound Advice,” Razorcake’s advice column, cosmic femme punk Taleen Kali offers tips on how to create moments of artfulness, despite capitalism. Send all questions about punk rock, self-care, and creativity to @taleenkali via message on Instagram (

Daisy Noemi Photo Column — Chelsea Mone’t

Daisy Noemi Photo Column — Chelsea Mone’t

Hip Hop community comes together in SELA.