Confronting Abuse: Small Acts of Empathy Can Make a World of Difference by Will Kenneth

Confronting Abuse, NIkki Kelly

Will tries to step in when he sees a stranger being abused, though helping someone who is being abused can be more than just trying to intervene.

Louis Jacinto Photo Column, Patti Smith

Louis Jacinto Photo Column, Patti Smith

Patti Smith was still staying close and intimate with us. And her music continued to be punk and beyond. Easter, her third album, which was the work she was promoting, is still an untouchable piece of pure art.

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column – Parasytic

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column – Parasytic

Daniel J Torres Photo Column – La Bella at Nux Fest VI


Absolutely not a screamo band performs at NUX Fest VI, aka the annual KALI DIY Summit.

Sound Advice by Taleen Kali

Sound Advice by Taleen Kali

Cosmic wisdom of the punk rock persuasion

Featured Book Reviews Razorcake 106: Henry and Glenn Forever and Ever

This review is now getting into “destroying something a lot of us love because it’s actually more problematic than we thought” territory. Boxing anyone into a purely and rigidly masculine or feminine nature is shitty, especially when you link it inherently to their sexuality.

Eden Kittiver Photo Column – Decent Criminal

Eden Kittiver Photo – Decent Criminal

Decent Criminal finish up their run with The Flatliners in San Francisco, Calif. I love how this photo captures the crowd—those bright colors and dragged light make it look like a whole new world.

Featured Zine Reviews from Razorcake 106: Shoes Fanzine


Vancouver punk, Nate has Karmin talk about sailing the Pacific Ocean, a quixotic seven month, 8,600 mile trip she took with her father. They barely escaped with their lives during a lightning storm. -Shoes Fanzine #8

Lorien Lamarr Photo Column – Curse Words

Lorien Lamarr Photo Column - Curse Words

Curse Words is an upbeat band of nerdy space cadets who write infectious pop punk for mutant teenagers of the future.

Daisy Noemi Photo Column, Sister Mantos

Sister Mantos by Daisy Noemi

Sister Mantos performs at Echo Park Rising.