Back Issue PDFs

Razorcake Issue #45 from 2008, Featuring Leatherface, RKL, Bad Reaction, and articles Election 2008, Let’s Wreck the Party: Rethinking Political Affiliation, and Infoshop? Infoshop!

Tobe Hooper fans, rejoice! The U.K.’s arguably best intricate punk band returns to talk about their fancy gear and beat the shit out of everyone they can!

Razorcake Issue #44 from 2008, Featuring The Potential Johns, Los Illegals (part II), Bear Proof Suit, Svartenbrandt, and Statues

The Potential Johns—you know these guys—they’re that Marked Men side project – that’s been around for like, a lot longer then the Marked Men.

Razorcake Issue #43 from 2008, Featuring Reigning Sound, Los Illegals, Edward Colver, Los Illegals, Bomp! Records

…And Weird Al. Yep. Weird Al? Yes, that Weird Al.

Razorcake Issue #42 from 2008, Featuring Tranzmitors Hunchback, Wounded Lion, The Rebel Spell, Geykido Comet Records, U.S. Air Guitar Championships

Rest in peace, Lance Hahn and Todd “Serious” Jenkins

Razorcake Issue #41 from 2007, Featuring Future Virgins, Gang Green, Electric Kisses, Arena Rock Vs. Prog Rock, How To Fight For A Skatepark

No, no, no. Not Christian Parenting. Christian Parenti.

Razorcake Issue #40 from 2007, Featuring Dan Padilla, DOA, The Manges, Black Time, Love Me Nots, Live Slow, Die Old

Highlights include Jennifer Whiteford looking into the connection between punk rock, and good exercise, talking to members of Paint It Black, The Unlovables, and The Smugglers.

Razorcake Issue #39 from 2007, Featuring The Measure [SA], The Copyrights, The Penetrators, Circle One, I Object, Chris Walter

There’s also an interview with Geddy Lee of Rush. We weren’t about to list it on the cover.
Go, Nardwuar!

Razorcake Issue #38 from 2007, Featuring Radon, Circle One, X-Mist Records, Women in Punk, and Vietnam: Then and Now

One of the most elusive, yet influential, yet best bands ever (maybe they’d do more if they weren’t so busy hanging out with Pac Man all the time).

Razorcake Issue #37 from 2007, Featuring The Brat, Abi Yoyos, The Vicious, Young People With Faces, The Trashies, Stressface

36,326 words of record reviews, 2,988 words of zine reviews, 3,140 words of book reviews, 0 words of DVD reviews (DVDs got shafted this time), and we still get complaints that we haven’t covered your band.

Razorcake Issue #36 from 2007 Featuring Off With Their Heads, Street Dogs, Diane Gamboa, Pointed Sticks, Entropy, and Touring Comfortably

The most miserable things in the world never sounded so awesome.