Webcomic Sundays #356 by Jayda Abello

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Lorien Lamarr Photo Column – GILT

Equal parts ennui and blind rage. GILT makes me feel less alone in my anger. They express some of these feelings better than I’ve been able to put into words myself.

Webcomic Wednesdays #355, “Egon Forever!” by Andre Lux

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Cava Island, a Short Story by John Miskelly


A political proposal regarding social media influencers in short fiction form.

Webcomic Sundays #354 by Steve Thueson

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Eden Kittiver Photo Column – Pussy Cow


Pu$$y-Cow’s set ended with Joe on the floor in front of the stage, stripped down to American Flag undies and singing into the mic as streamers were thrown and unraveled around him. Some real party rock’n’roll shit.

Razorcake Issue #73 from 2013 with The Taxpayers, Social Conflict, Rough Kids, and Monsieur Jeffery Evans

Razorcake 73

Climb inside the Florida storage container The Taxpayers lived in to read about the knuckle tattoo genesis of Goof Punx and the band’s origins as a way to pay homage to the Minutemen. They’re a band founded on ethical good times and a Tom Sawyer sense of touring adventure.

Webcomic Wednesdays #353 by Ollie Mikse

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A Eulogy for Maximum Rock’n’roll Print Zine by Will Kenneth


With the Maximum Rock’n’roll print zine coming to a close, Will looks back on his time as an avid MRR reader and how their DIY ethos left an impact on his life.

Webcomic Sundays #352 by Cathy Hannah

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