Featured Zine Reviews from Razorcake 106: Shoes Fanzine


Vancouver punk, Nate has Karmin talk about sailing the Pacific Ocean, a quixotic seven month, 8,600 mile trip she took with her father. They barely escaped with their lives during a lightning storm. -Shoes Fanzine #8

Webcomic Sundays #318 “House Show Part 3” by Mikie Manzer

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Lorien Lamarr Photo Column – Curse Words

Lorien Lamarr Photo Column - Curse Words

Curse Words is an upbeat band of nerdy space cadets who write infectious pop punk for mutant teenagers of the future.

Red City Radio, PKEW PKEW PKEW, The Penske File, 2018 by Will Malkus

Red City Radio

It’s a race against the clock to see if PKEW PKEW PKEW can make it to their gig with The Penske File and Red City Radio on time!

Webcomic Wednesdays #317 by Eskander Fairweather

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Top 5s from Razorcake 105 featuring: Amyl & The Sniffers


Webcomic Sundays #316 “House Show Part 2” by Mikie Manzer

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Daisy Noemi Photo Column, Sister Mantos

Sister Mantos by Daisy Noemi

Sister Mantos performs at Echo Park Rising.

The Big Sleep by Jamie L. Rotante


An examination of my history of using sleep as a method of anxiety avoidance.
One Punk’s Look at Social Anxiety, Neuroticism and Other Fun Stuff

Webcomic Wednesday #315 by Madi Strong

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