Razorcake Podcast #455 with Kayla Greet

Dance around, pump your fist in the air, belt out the songs along with the band, hi-five a friend. Just keep your damned phone out of your hands!

Razorcake Podcast #454 with John Di Marco

Due to school jerks, I finally had to show my daughter a “Rise Above” lyric video. Keep fighting, show and prove your care, this will never be normal, create your reality, fight the future, I want you, baby, to show me the way, fight the power, the government’s responsible, put some damn soul in it, nazis can’t dance, shazbot.

Interview Podcast with Kevin Dunn, author of Global Punk, by Todd Taylor and Matthew Hart

Tired of the dominant punk narrative? Listen to this discussion with Kevin Dunn about his book Global Punk: Resistance and Rebellion in Everyday Life. It does ultimate service to the title and subtitle, proving that current-day punk is global, powerful, empowering, and valid.

Razorcake Podcast #453 with Griffin Wynne

I, as all women, womyn, girls, grrrrls, femmes, queers, trans people and non-binaries, am a fucking goddess.

Razorcake Podcast #452 with Kurt Morris

Left or Right?

Bridget Quinn reading podcast, presented by Gorsky Press

Bridget Quinn reads an excerpt from Broad Strokes: 15 Women Who Made Art and Made History (In That Order).

Razorcake Podcast #451 with Michael Fournier

Trying hard to stay positive.

Interview Podcast with Rival Mob by Todd Taylor and Madeline Bridenbaugh

Thuggy hardcore made by older guys; that’s Rival Mob in a nutshell.

Tiffany Scandal reading podcast, presented by Gorsky Press

Tiffany Scandal reads an excerpt from her novel Shit Luck.

Razorcake Podcast #450 with Susan de Place

Party Songs. Happy 15th!