Razorcake Podcast #486 with Bryan Static

Originally this was going to be every band ever interviewed, but a few weeks into putting this monster together proved that would not be feasible.

Razorcake Podcast #485 with Bryan Static

100 issues! That’s a lot of magazine!

Razorcake Podcast #484 with Bryan Static

Here we are. 6+ hours of podcast, showing the huge net that Razorcake has cast. I hope you enjoy.

Razorcake Podcast #483 with Bryan Static

This is a podcast celebrating every band ever featured on the cover of Razorcake and then some.

Razorcake Podcast #482 with Michael T. Fournier

Dig it!

Razorcake Podcast #481 with Yvonne Drazan, The Left Side Of Latin – “Las Rockeras”

Latin music is not just about Salsa and Mariachi. There is incredible music created all over Latin America and Spain that is “left of center”, that I will introduce you to with each podcast… and I promise to throw in some punk here and there too!

Razorcake Podcast #480 with Thirsty Thursdays, Presented by The Dollar Boys

Playing the best and worst of old and new, punk, hardcore, and god knows what else.

Interview and Reading Podcast with Kevin Maloney, by Jim Ruland

Jim Ruland, Razorcake contributor and host of Vermin on the Mount, interviews Portland writer Kevin Maloney. They discuss Kevin’s writing process and how he managed to write a novella in under two weeks. After a short conversation, Kevin reads from his work-in-progress, Getting Over Wendy.

Razorcake Podcast #479 with Bianca and Daisy

Bianca and Daisy join Todd at Razorcake HQ to listen to some eclectic tunes and talk about everything from the Olympics to the changing landscape of Los Angeles—mostly off the air, though. Listen anyway!

Razorcake Podcast #478 with Sean Arenas

With a tote bag full of 7”s, I partied solo at Razorcake HQ.