Razorcake Podcast #464 with Griffin Wynne

Daryl, Steve, and Marcos played me the band “Minor Threat” for the first time last week. They are not on this podcast.

Interview Podcast with Yhivi, by Sean Arenas and Nikki Fox

Yhivi, an ex-porn performer, reflects on her experiences in (and out of) the adult film industry and the many challenges of sex work.

Razorcake Podcast #463 with Kurt Morris

Self-titled: the lazy person’s way of naming an album or ingenious device?

Razorcake Podcast #462 with Tim Brooks

No rhyme or reason… just a good few jammers.

Razorcake Podcast #461 with Kayla Greet and Craven Rock

Our themes combined are basically “Things that make us angry.”

Razorcake Podcast #460 with Michael Fournier

Spate Pace

Razorcake Podcast #459 with Kurt Morris

Emo, not emo.

Razorcake Podcast #458 with Bryan Static

Bryan Static here, checking in on my mystic voyage to the edge of life itself. Life continues to be a rough road with little time for frivolities. Here is an album’s worth of music that I think is good. Maybe you will too. I’m not placing any bets.

Razorcake Podcast #457 with Daryl

Hope these “hot trax” offer some respite from the rest of the outside world.

Razorcake Podcast #456 with Russ Van Cleave

Another episode of obscurity from the extreme margins of my existence.