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Razorcake Podcast #629 with Jimmy Alvarado

“A.R.T. = M.O.N.E.Y.” –Alternative TV

Superheroines, “The Beast” (Cry for Help, Bemisbrain)
Weirdos, “Shining Silver Light” (We Got the Neutron Bomb, Frontier)
Color TV, “Meat Wagon” (Self-titled, Deranged)
Youth Against, “Masacre Indigena” (La Revolución de los de Abajo, Alarma)
Top Jimmy, “Dance with Your Baby” (Pigus Drunkus Maximus, Restless)
– – –
Sharp Objects, “DMZ” (Self-titled LP, Modern Action)
Xmal Deutschland, “Augen-Blick” (Tocsin, 4AD)
Auxiliary Animals, “Invisible” (Self-titled, Self-released)
Detox, “I Hate the French” (Start…Finish, Flipside)
Eater, “15” (The Roxy London WC2, Harvest)
Alternative TV, “Another Coke” (The Mirror Has Cracked, Anagram)
– – –
Anti-Social, “Suicide” (split w/ The Has Beens, Jerk Off)
Strung Up, “Death by Cop” (Society Rot in Hell, Kangaroo)
Skudz, “George is a Mother” (Hate Your’e Trend, Non-Fiction)
Mox Nix, “No Lies” (We Got Power: Party Animal comp, Mystic)
DFMK, “Agorofobia” (7 Canciones Sobre Un Individualismo Radical, La Escalera)
Solución Mortal, “Imperialista” (Eat Me comp, Bad Compilation Tapes)
Sin 34, “Runaway” (Die Listening 1981-84, Grand Theft Audio)
United Mutation, “Infinite Regression” (Discography 1981-87, bootleg)
Undead, “Gimme Your Autograph” (Act Your Rage, Post Mortem)
Subhumans, “Firing Squad” (Incorrect Thoughts, CD Presents)
– – –
The Wedding Present, “Don’t Be So Hard” (George Best 30, Happy Happy Birthday to Me)
Flipper, “The Wheel” (Public Flipper Limited, Subterranean) 



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Razorcake Podcast #628 with Jimmy Alvarado

“He’s courting oblivion with a lover’s zeal/He wants to fall deeper, ‘til he disappears” –Alice Bag

Tazers, “Emergency Room Intake” (Don’t Classify Me, Rave Up)
Moral Panic, “Dug” (Self-titled, Slovenly)
Thee Samedi, “TV Evangelist” (Lost Faith 7”, Forbidden Sea Bass)
Alice Bag, “Invisible” (Blueprint, Don Giovanni)
Thee Undertakers, “Don’t Mean Anything” (L.A. Muerte 7” EP, Artifix)
– – –
Pointed Sticks, “The Marching Song” (Vancouver Complication compilation, Rockin’ Bones)
Shattered Faith, “The Verdict” (The Future Looks Bright compilation cassette, Posh Boy)
The Wead, “By the Whey” (By the Whey 7”, Slovenly)
Pandoras, “Just a Picture” (Hey, It’s the Pandoras, Burger)
The Jeanies, “Amelee” (Amilee 7”, HoZac)
– – –
UV-TV, “Hear” (Glass, Deranged)
100 Flowers, “All Sexed Up” (Self-titled, Superior Viaduct)
Preening, “Associated Press” (Greasetrap Frisbee 7” EP, Never/Ever)
Isotope Soap, “Hate” (Frontal Disorder Post Mental Border 7” EP, Reich Chords)
Couteau Latex, “Hostile Environment” (Hostile Environment 7”, Goner)
Eight, “Blame” (Self-titled 7” EP, Dead Broke Rekerds)
– – –
X, “Home is Where the Floor is” (Home is Where the Floor is 7” EP, Rocknroll Blitzkrieg)
Gino & The Goons, “She Said No” (Rip It Up, Sunwray)
Les Lullies, “Don Craine” (Don’t Look Twice 7” EP, Slovenly)
Incredible Kidda Band, “Bullet in My Heart” (Bullet in My Heart 7”, Almost Ready)
– – –
Lost Balloons, “Feel the Pain” (Hey Summer, Dirtnap) 



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Razorcake Podcast #627 with Jimmy Alvarado

“The battery’s charging, but the engine’s blown.” – Adolescents

Smogtown, “You’ll Be Observed” (All Wiped Out EP, TKO)
Tarantula, “The Computer That Ate My Brain” (Weird Tales of Radiation and Hate EP, Deranged)
Bib, “Pseudo Punk” (Pop EP, Deranged)
Cold Meat, “Au Naturel” (Jimmy’s Lipstick EP, Helta Skelta)
Beartrade, “Room With A View” (Silent Unspeakable LP, Dead Broke)
– – –
TV Crime, “Hooligans” (Hooligans single, Static Shock)
Lowlife, “Thinking Naturally” (Leaders EP, HoZac)
Dishrags, “Bullshit” (Vancouver Complication comp, Rockin’ Bones)
The Cult of Lip, “Center” (Right Now EP, MPLS LTD.)
Gen Pop, “Plastic Comb” (II EP, Feel It)
Repairs, “Cycle” (Decay/Cycle single, HoZac)
Crash Course In Science, “Flying Turns” (The Minimal Wave Tapes: Volume One comp, Stones Throw)
Flat Worms, “Red Hot Sand” (Red Hot Sand EP, Volar)
– – –
Riot .303, “Skate Punx” (Skate Rock comp, Thrasher Magazine)
Poison Idea, “Nothing is Final” (War All The Time LP, TKO)
Physique, “Cross” (Punk Life is Shit EP, Iron Lung)
Häpeä, “Ilmaiskujen Kyntämä Maa” (Ei Sota Yhtä Miestä Kaipaa… EP, Tampere Hardcore Coalition)
Ravage Fix, “Disorder” (Self-titled EP, Rinderherz)
Rajoitus, “Raiskattu Ja Ristiinnaulittu” (Split EP w/ Ratstab, PATAC)
Limp Wrist, “Angry Queen” (Histeria comp, Lengua Armada)
Exit-Stance, “Ballykiss Disco” (When Backs are Turned LP, Papagájův Hlasatel)
– – –
Adolescents, “Disease (Cropduster LP, Concrete Jungle)
Rikk Agnew Band, “Deprogrammer (Learn LP, Frontier) 



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Razorcake Podcast #626 with Adel Souto, The South Florida Edition

I’ve lived all over the U.S., but I’ve always wound up returning to south Florida. Not sure if it’s the weather, the beaches, where all my oldest friends are, or just my luck, but here I am again – like it, or not. Well, if you can’t fight them, join them, and what better way to join them, than be part of the music scene? I thought I’d try to get as many outsiders involved in the south Florida music scene too, and there’s no better way to introduce you to it, than the Razorcake Podcast.

Here is over an hour’s worth of today’s best (and some of days gone by), from Miami to West Palm Beach, and Coral Gables to Cape Coral. We’ll go from punk to funk, and goth to grind. Twenty-five tracks that will let the listener in on what is happening here on Florida’s southern tip.

Hopefully, this will melt some of that snow you might be trapped under.
Enjoy your listening!

-Adel Souto

Armageddon Man, “Invasive Species (
Death Lottery, “Jesus Does What He Wants (
F, “WWlll (
Beat Obsolete, “Death Lottery (
– – –
Ladron, “La Fuerza”  (
Zeta, “Afrontar” (
Antifaces, “Un Dia” (
Eztorbo, “Basura Militar” (
Guerrilleros De Nadie, “Se Marchara” (
– – –
Angry Bastard, “Nation of Sheep” (
Coiled Menace, “Chemical Eyes” (
Morning Again, “Susina” (
Caveman Cult, “Caverns of Atrocity” (
– – –
Quit, “It’s All The Same” (
The Anchorite Four, “Chopper Dave” (
sound4sound, “Liars of the World Unite, So I May Destroy You” (
Load, “Lumberjack Death Luge” (
The Believers, “Remain” (
– – –
Obsidian, “Non-Disclosure” (
Mr. Entertainment & The Pookiesmackers, “The Great Escape” (
Unity Rise, “Gentrification Song” (
Charlie Pickett, “What I Like About Miami” (
Las Nubes, “Hellbag” (
Möthersky, “Remain In Memory” (
– – –
Blowfly, “Blowfly for President” (



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Razorcake Podcast #625 with Kurt Morris

Well, here it is: the last podcast of the series I’ve been doing monthly for more than a year. It’s been all about artists whose names start with a particular letter of the alphabet. In this case we’ve got U, V, W, Y, and Z. (Sorry X, but don’t have anything in my collection by you I wanted to highlight.) This has been a fun way to come up with some random things from my collection. I hope you’ve found things you’ve enjoyed over all these months!


Vampire Lezbos, “Plasma” (Spokanarchy! Original Soundtrack, Flat Field)
Youth Of Today, “Take a Stand” (Break Down the Walls, Revelation)
Youth Brigade (LA), “Boys in the Brigade” (Sound & Fury, BYO)
– – –
Unsane, “The Grind” (Sterilize, Southern Lord)
Zao, “Xenophobe” (“Xenophobe” b/w “Fear Itself” 7”, self-released)
The VSS, “Lunar Weight” (Nervous Circuits, Honey Bear)
Warzone, “Escape from Your Society” (NYHC: The Way It Is, Revelation)
We Talked About Murder, “Victimology” (Self-titled EP, Has Anyone Ever Told You?)
Wild Animals, “Science-Fiction” (The Hoax, B-core)
Ultramagg, “One Thousand Directions” (Emo Diaries Chapter Three, Deep Elm)
– – –
We Versus The Shark, “Slide” (Ruin Everything, Hello Sir)
Wire, “I Am the Fly” (I Am the Fly 7”) 



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Razorcake Podcast #624 with Thirsty Thursdays Presented By The Dollar Boys

Thirsty Thursdays Presented by The Dollar Boys is a highly unorganized group of individuals who get together to play the best and worst of old and new, punk, hardcore, and god knows what else. Punk podcast. Come for the music, stay for the memories.

Tony Molina, “Wrong Town” Kill The Lights LP (Slumberland)
– – –
The Hanson Brothers, “A Night Without You” Gross Misconduct LP (Alternative Tentacles)
The Saints, “No Time” (I’m) Stranded LP (4 Men With Beards)
Pete Shelley, “XL1” XL1 LP
Magazine, “Shot By Both Sides” Real Life LP (Virgin)
– – –
Code Of Honor, “What Are We Gonna Do?” What Are We Gonna Do? 7″ (Subterranean)
Danny Tanner, “Danny Tanner’s For The Fucking Kids” Til Death Do We Rock EP (Self-released)
Girls At Our Best!, “Warm Girls” Pleasure LP (Optic Nerve)
Battalion Of Saints, “2nd Coming” 2nd Coming 7″ (Mystic)
– – –
Cold Shoulder, “Condominiums” Patriot EP (Cowabunga)
Colin Newman, “& Jury” A-Z  LP (Beggars Banquet)
Resurrection, “Why” Resurrection 7″ (New Age)
American Nightmare, “(We Are)” Background Music LP (Equal Vision)
– – –
Toys That Kill, “So Tuf” Toys That Kill / Iron Chic Split 12″ (Recess / Dead Broke)


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Razorcake Podcast #623 with Mike Fournier

School starts up again tomorrow. We spent our entire break working on the new spot, scraping wallpaper and picking colors and painting and cleaning and figuring out where everything will go. Choice is exhilarating; choice is exhausting. If you dig any of this stuff here, mostly new, choose to support the bands directly – they’ll appreciate it.

Mike F.

Cold Meat, “Lazy Anarchy” (Pork Sword Fever, Static Shock)
Strange Passage, “Shouldn’t Be Too Long” (title track teaser from forthcoming LP on Syncro System. Wuddup, Ricky!)
Bad Sports, “Cardboard Suits” (Constant Stimulation, Dirtnap)
Rexx, “To Communicate” (title track off their self-released LP)
Post Pink, “Made In Mexico” (I Believe You, Okay)
– – –
Mock Identity, “Glamor” (Paradise)
Beta Boys, “The Zoo” (Late Night Acts, Feel It)
Martha, “Heart Is Healing” (digital single)
Shiners Club, “Self Medicate” (Can’t Have Nice Things, Indesicion)
Jawbox, “LS/MFT” (For Your Own Special Sweetheart, DeSoto. See you bozos in NYC!)
– – –
Jejune, “Indian Giver” (Junk, Big Wheel Recreation)
Sial, “Masa Depan” (Self-titled, La Vida Es Un Mus)
Marbled Eye, “Curtain” (Leisure)
Cremalleras, “Nada Que Decir” (Split w/ Heterofobia)
– – –
Garrison, “Come On Die Young (No Seriously)” (The Silhouette, Revelation)




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Razorcake Podcast #622 with Horny Wave

Incoming post-punk, new-wave, cold-wave, ‘80s, Mindy-wave, you-name-it-wave. After years and years of collecting records and shrinking the size of our apartments it was time to share the wealth, so we started to DJ. These are a couple of our latest favorites that we’ve been spinning. You can catch us every Thursday night in Costa Mesa, CA at Memphis Cafe.

The Chameleons, “Don’t Fall” Script of The Bridge (Statik)
– – –
Soft Kill, “From This Point On” An Open Door (Cercle Social)
Turquoise Days, “Grey Skies” Alternative Strategies (Minimal Wave)
Univers, “Minerals” Lestat Natural (Famelic)
Drab Majesty, “Everything Is Sentimental” Completely Careless (Dais)
– – –
Cold Cave, “Pacing Around The Church” Cherish The Light (Matador)
Antiguo Regime, “Politica De Tierra Quemada” Politica De Tierra Quemada (B.F.E.)
Moaning, “Artificial” Self-titled (Sub Pop)
Total Control, “Flesh War” Typical System (Iron Lung)
– – –
Frankie Rose, “Street Of Dreams” Herein Wild (Fat Possum)

Razorcake Podcast #621 with Johnny and Elwood

The acoustic guitar is dangerous thing. Used correctly, in the hands of Woody Guthrie or Pete Seeger, it could provide the perfect accompaniment to a song of the people. In the hands of some “hey there Delilah” dickhead it can make you want to vomit out of your ears. If you’re going to make acoustic punk music the songs need to have something really special.

The final track on this podcast, “Magic” by Beans On Toast has been listened to a lot in our house recently. It takes me right back to the day Elwood was born. All the fear, the uselessness and the strange joy that being a Dad at the birth of a child brings. I remember sitting next to my wife as she, with the doctors and midwifes, worked so hard to safely bring Elwood into the world. Feeling utterly overwhelmed by the whole situation, wearing hair covers on my feet because I had no idea how to dress for surgery. Being alone in a room with my new born son, whilst my wife was being attended to, I had no idea how to feel. Until I saw him in the arms of my wife it didn’t seem real, like he wasn’t my child but I was looking after him. When I saw them together it became clear that we’re a family now.

If your acoustic track can elicit that kind of response in a listener then you’re doing things right. If not, you need to lift your game buddy.


The Menzingers, “Cold Weather Gear” A Lesson in the Abuse of Technology (Go-Kart)
Rumbleseat, “Cursing Concrete” Rumbleseat Is Dead (No Idea)
– – –
The Lippies, “It Boils” Self-titled (Red Scare Industries)
Jeffrey Lewis, “Systematic Death” 12 Crass Songs (Rough Trade)
Ramshackle Glory, “Your Heart Is A Muscle The Size Of Your Fist” Live the Dream (DIY Bandits)
Caves, “Betterment” Betterment (Specialist Subject)
– – –
Paul Baribeau and Ginger Alford, “Ties That Bind” Darkness on the Edge of Your Town (Self-released)
Tragical History Tour, “Fight For Light” Aphorisms (Make That A Take)
The Orphans, “For An Old Kentucky Anarchist” Raise The Youth (Fistolo)
Julie Karr, “Bend Your Knees” We Aim To Try (Self-released)
– – –
Frightened Rabbit, “My Backwards Walk” Liver! Lung! Fr! (Fat Cat)
Mountain Goats, “Ballad Of Bull Ramos” Beat the Champ (Merge)
Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros, “Silver And Gold” Streetcore (Hellcat)
Billy Bragg, “The World Turned Upside Down” Between the Wars EP (Go Discs)
– – –
Beans On Toast, “Magic” A Bird In The Hand (Beans On Toast Music)

Thank you to all the staff at the hospital where Elwood was born, the NHS is a truely incredible institution.

Let us know of anything you think we need to hear at

Razorcake Podcast #620 with Ska Phase

Three DIY punks discuss their love for one of the most maligned and under appreciated genres associated with punk: ska.

Hosted by Miles Grimmer, Jonathan Prather, and Rick V.

The Bodysnatchers, “Ruder Than You”
The Selector, “Too Much Pressure”
Bad Manners, “Just a Feeling”
– – –
The Suspects, “Caffeine”
Hepcat, “Bobby and Joe”
Linton Kwesi Johnson, “Fite Dem Back”
– – –
Culture Shock, “Clampdown”
Against All Authority, “Sk8 Rock”
Edna’s Goldfish, “Veronica Sawyer”
– – –
Darruti, “Innombrables”
Symarip, “Skinhead Moonstomp”
The English Beat, “Tears of A Clown”
– – –
Skankin’ Pickle, “Start Today”