Music Podcasts

Razorcake Podcast #461 with Kayla Greet and Craven Rock

Our themes combined are basically “Things that make us angry.”

Razorcake Podcast #460 with Michael Fournier

Spate Pace

Razorcake Podcast #459 with Kurt Morris

Emo, not emo.

Razorcake Podcast #458 with Bryan Static

Bryan Static here, checking in on my mystic voyage to the edge of life itself. Life continues to be a rough road with little time for frivolities. Here is an album’s worth of music that I think is good. Maybe you will too. I’m not placing any bets.

Razorcake Podcast #457 with Daryl

Hope these “hot trax” offer some respite from the rest of the outside world.

Razorcake Podcast #456 with Russ Van Cleave

Another episode of obscurity from the extreme margins of my existence.

Razorcake Podcast #455 with Kayla Greet

Dance around, pump your fist in the air, belt out the songs along with the band, hi-five a friend. Just keep your damned phone out of your hands!

Razorcake Podcast #454 with John Di Marco

Due to school jerks, I finally had to show my daughter a “Rise Above” lyric video. Keep fighting, show and prove your care, this will never be normal, create your reality, fight the future, I want you, baby, to show me the way, fight the power, the government’s responsible, put some damn soul in it, nazis can’t dance, shazbot.

Razorcake Podcast #453 with Griffin Wynne

I, as all women, womyn, girls, grrrrls, femmes, queers, trans people and non-binaries, am a fucking goddess.

Razorcake Podcast #452 with Kurt Morris

Left or Right?