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Razorcake Podcast #648 with Thirsty Thursdays Presented By The Dollar Boys

Thirsty Thursdays, Presented by The Dollar Boys is a highly unorganized group of individuals who get together to play the best and worst of old and new, punk, hardcore, and god knows what else. Punk podcast. Come for the music, stay for the memories.

Uranium Club, “Man is the Loneliest Animal” The Cosmo Cleaners, Fashionable Idiots
– – –
Minds-R-Controlled, “Rational Man” Life Time EP, Step Change
MDC, “John Wayne Was a Nazi” Millions of Dead Cops, R. Radical
Big Baby, “Roommates” If You’re Not a Baby, You’re Too Old, Deli Boy
Man-Eaters, “Down and Out in Chinatown” Self-titled, Self-released
Kakka-Hätä-77, “Hamaan Haimatulehdukseen Asti” Kakkahätä Tappaa, Deaf Forever
– – –
Bird Strike, “The Hard One” Live at Golden Beat, A Major Effin’ Label!
Guitar Wolf, “Fireball Red” UFO Romantics, Munster
His Electric Blue Voice, “Sea Bug” Rutless Sperm, Sub Pop
RATIONS NOISE, “Litany for Hancock Airbase” Drone Struck Split LP, 86’d, Different Kitchen, Ersatz Reality, Farsot, Rad Girlfriend, Tor Johnson
– – –
Café Tacuba, “Pinche Juan” Self-titled
Wild Flag, “Something Came Over Me” Self-titled, Merge
Ancestors, “VII” Ancestors III, Youth Attack
Fuses, “A Long Way Down” Eastern Cities, Shit Sandwich
– – –
Struggle, “Cement” Self-Titled, Ebullition
One Many Army, “Old Songs” Last Word Spoken, Adeline

Top 5s from Razorcake 110 featuring: Martha

Illustration by Steve Thueson

Andy Garcia
1. Haram, Where Were You on 9/11? 7”
2. Fatamorgana, Terra Alta LP
3. Razorbumps, …The Cassingle
4. Vintage Crop, Company Man 7”
5. Altar De Fey, The Insatiable Desire…For More LP

Art Ettinger
• Dead Bars, Regulars LP
• The Pathogens, We’re Catchy LP
• Haram, Where Were You on 9/11? 7”
• Giuda, E.V.A. LP
• Bad Religion, Age of Unreason LP

Bill Pinkel
• Hüsker Dü
• The Coathangers, The Devil You Know LP
• The Cowboys, The Bottom of a Rotten Flower LP
• Spanish Love Songs, American Steel, and Hot Water Music, live at the Echoplex, tied with Stay Free: The Story of The Clash podcast
• Martha, Love Keeps Kicking LP

Chad Williams
1. Charger, Self-titled 12”
3. The Briefs, Platinum Rats LP
3. Moral Panic, Self-titled LP
4. CJ Ramone, The Holy Spell… LP
5. Fried Egg, Square One LP

Chris Mason
1. Marbled Eye, Leisure LP
2. Uranium Club, The Cosmo Cleaners LP
3. Fatamorgana, Terra Alta LP
4. Priors, New Pleasure LP
5. Landline, Self-titled LP

Chris Terry
• Postage flexi EP
• The World Is A Vampire, “Trenchsewer” b/w “Heartshorn” LP
• Bob Mould Band, live in L.A., March 2019
• Lee “Scratch” Perry, Roast Fish, Collie Weed, & Cornbread LP
• Marlon James discussing his new book Black Leopard, Red Wolf with Roxane Gay at the Museum of African-American Art in L.A.

Craven Rock
1. Release of my book: Juggalo Country: Inside the World of Insane Clown Posse and America’s Weirdest Music Scene on Microcosm Press
2. #eggboy
3. Billy Bragg at Tractor Tavern
4. Büriën, Snow White And The Baby Eaters, The Disorderlies, C U Next Tuesday at Kraken
5. Hellbent For Horror podcast

Daryl Gussin
Top 5 Favorite Lyrics from Black Dots’ Everything Has Gotta Change
5. “Fight, fight, for what seems right, seemed to happen every night, common sense was a luxury they could never ever comprehend.”
4. “Open up it’ll make you weep. It’s a cry out loud and a tear on my cheek.”
3. “Remember back as far as you can, did you fall in line or take a stand?”
2. “I’m not afraid of getting old.”
1. “I waited my whole life for the world to do the right thing, traded my passion in for patience, but no more.”

Dayna Castillo
1. Stay Free: The Story of The Clash podcast
2. Viagra Boys, Street Worms LP
3. Murderer, I Did It All for You LP
4. Surfbort, Billy EP
5. Idles, Joy as an Act of Resistance LP

Designated Dale
1. Thee Sinseers. Genuine soul and R&B is very much alive and well here in Los Angeles. You wish your band was this great.
2. Mickey Leigh, Mutated Music EP. Mickey and Co. continue to keep the true spirit of NYC rock’n’roll rocking and rolling.
3. Young John Watson, Motor Head Baby 7”. Back in 1953, this groovin’ R&B single hit the stands, and the copy I have belonged to my father who was but a slicked-back sixteen-year-old.
4. Downtown Juan, Robert Corales, and others serve up their version of cumbias, and it is gooooood.
5. L7 should have a new full-length record out on Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records by the time you’re reading this, and the few tracks I’ve heard so far promise a great time for all (it’s L7, for fuck’s sake!).

Eric Baskauskas
• Oozing Wound, High Anxiety LP
• Devil Master, Satan Spits on Children of Light LP
• Malokarpatan, live at Roadburn
• Amyl And The Sniffers, live in Brussels
• Sekrete, Endless Fucking Nightmare CS

Jamaica Dyer
• Sophie Yanow’s serializing her webcomic about queer punk biker kids in Paris on
• Koak’s new series of paintings “Holding Breath” is going to be showing at Union Pacific in London.
• Rachel Fannan’s putting out new solo tracks on Spotify (and just joined the psych rock outfit Black Mountain)
• Tara Booth’s painted comics are everything; the new book DUI from Colorama looks superb.
• Silver Sprocket’s storefront in the Haight, I will visit you this month.

Jimmy Alvarado
• Mike Villalobos’ birthday bash with The Gears, La Tuya, Terpenes, Akrid, and Baron Bandini, 4/20/19 at Café NELA
• Red Brigade, La Tuya, Jesus & The Dinosaurs, 4/26/19 at Café NELA
• Prince Street Pizza, New York
• Dollar Boys podcasts
• It’s almost summer!

Kayla Greet
1. The Murderburgers in someone’s kitchen at The Murder Mine, b/w The Briefs and The Stitches at Clockout Lounge on the same night (Seattle). Back-to-back gigs!
2. Bob Mould Band at Wonderland Ballroom (Portland), and at Neumos (Seattle). Back-to-back gigs!
3. Tsunami Bomb at Tony V’s (Everett), and at Jazz Bones (Tacoma). Back-to-back gigs!
4. Criminal Code (RIP), Arctic Flowers, Pleasure Leftists at Jankuland / King’s Books (Tacoma)
5. Laura Jane Grace And The Devouring Mothers with Control Top at Doug Fir (Portland)

Kevin Dunn
1. La Tuya, Self-titled
2. Electric Eels Shock, Best of EES
3. Affected Youth, Formative Years
4. Steve Adamyk Band, Paradise
5. Bob Mould, Sunshine Rock

Kurt Morris
1. Strand Of Oaks, Eraserland
2. Cursive, The Ugly Organ
3. Al Burian, No Apocalypse (book)
4. Various Authors, Lemonade Stand, Volume II (book)
5. The impending arrival of spring

Mark Twistworthy
• Radon, More of Their Lies LP
• Digital Leather, Feeet LP
• Uranium Club, The Cosmo Cleaners LP
• The Stroppies, Whoosh LP
• Amenra, live

Martin Wong
1. Phranc in concert at McCabe’s and in conversation at Art Division.
2. Claw Hammer at the Satellite with Watt & The Missingmen and Shark Toys, and then at the Glass House with Mudhoney and Adolescents. And Donut Man with Tony afterward.
3. The Dils reunion ride continuing with Watt & The Missingmen, The Horseheads, and The Last at Alex’s.
4. Redd Kross one-off Born Innocent lineup show with and for Janet at The Echo.
5. The Linda Lindas getting asked to open for Bikini Kill. My daughter and nieces and their friend are punker than us parents will ever be.

Mike Faloon
1. Character Actor, Self-titled 7”
2. Night Birds, Roll Credits LP
3. Keeanga-Ymahtta Taylor, How We Get Free: Black Feminism and the Combahee River Collective (book)
4. Toys That Kill / Iron Chic, Split LP
5. Kamasi Washington, Heaven and Earth 4 x LP (with hidden bonus LP!)

Mike Fournier
• Rodan, The Hat Factory 93
• Uranium Club, The Cosmo Cleaners
Minor Leagues #7
• Ex Hex, It’s Real
• 7”s: Collate, “Communication” b/w “Selective Memory” (tie) Spowder / Glazer split

Mike Frame
• Pegboy, live in Laramie, Wyo.
• Ex Hex, It’s Real
Shrill (television series)
• Autoclave, Discography
Secret Lives of Introverts (book)

Ollie Mikse
Best Movies of 2018 (Death to the Superhero Genre!)
Death of Stalin
Sorry to Bother You

Paul Silver
1. Problem Daughter, Grow Up Trash LP
2. Even In Blackouts, Romantico! LP
3. Pup, Morbid Stuff LP
4. Martha, Love Keeps Kicking LP
5. Steve Adamyk Band, Paradise LP

Rebecca Minjarez
• The Kinks, Kinks
• Nina Simone, Pastel Blues
• Solitaire chess
• Will Rodgers State Beach
• Window seats at diners and cafés

Rene Navarro
Top Five Comics
1. This Modern World
2. Too Much Coffee Man
3. Immortal Choke
4. Won Ton Not Now
5. Bite the Cactus

Rev. Nørb
• Bad Sports, Constant Stimulation LP
• Marked Men, On the Other Side LP
• Cowboys, Bottom of a Rotten Flower LP
• Last Sons Of Krypton / Foamers?, Split LP
• Various Artists, Down South Spaghetty Accident LP

Rich Cocksedge
• Hipshot Killer, All This Time Is Ours LP
• Rad Owl, Madison Beast LP
• Equilibrio / Furio, Split LP
• Various Artists, Hangover Heartattack: A Tribute to Poison Idea CD
• Gary Floyd, Please Bee Nice: My Life Up ’Til Now (book)

Rick V.
1. DiNK (A comics show) in Denver, Colo.
2. Dialer (from Philly) going on tour.
3. Wonder Boy Returns (video game)
4. Three-hour, big budget Hollywood superhero movie.
5. Ska Phase being voted Razorcake’s best new podcast.

DJ Naked Rob
Radio Valencia 87.9FM | SF
1. The Cowboys, The Bottom of a Rotten Flower
2. Fried Egg, Square One
3. Jonny Manak And The Depressives, Anybody Wanna Skate
4. E.T. Explore Me, Shine
5. Req’d, Fall in Love on Hate Street

RoQue Torres
1. Business Of Dreams, Ripe for Anarchy LP
2. Pop Ook, Comix and Music Anthology (zine)
3. Louie Pérez, Good Morning Aztlan: The Words Pictures and Songs of Louie Pérez (book)
4. Ollin / Dirty Old Town. A Sincere Pogues Tribute pre-St. Patrick’s Day live at The Redwood Bar, 3/16/19
5. The Reverend Horton Heat, Whole New Life LP

Ryan Nichols
1. No Mercy: The Authorized and Uncensored Biography of The Stranglers by David Buckley (book)
2. Slouching towards Bethlehem by Joan Didion (book)
3. Horny Wave Razorcake podcast
4. Shadowhouse, Conformity EP
5. Red red wine

Sean Koepenick
Heavy Rotation
1. Down By Law, Redoubt 10”
2. The Slickee Boys, No Breaks CD
3. The Razz, You Can Run 7”
4. The Proletariat, Move digital
5. The Bezerkers, Self-titled LP

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I Have Recently Enjoyed
1. Shirkers
2. Border
3. Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot
4. Letterkenny
5. Trigger Warning with Killer Mike

Todd Taylor
• Xetas, live at Antone’s
• Martha, Love Keeps Kicking LP
• Uranium Club, The Cosmo Cleaners LP
• Marlon James in discussion with Roxane Gay at the Museum of African-American Art in L.A. located behind the bedding section of a department store in a mall.
• Toys That Kill / Iron Chic, Split LP

Ty Stranglehold
1. Trash On, 6 x LP (RIP Peter)
2. Toys That Kill / Iron Chic, Split LP
3. Bob Mould, Sunshine Rock LP
4. Eerie Family, Self-titled album
5. Uranium Club, The Cosmo Cleaners LP


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Webcomic Wednesdays #381 by Oz Thompson

Razorcake Podcast #647 with Kurt Morris

On my last podcast, I put together songs that start out albums. For this one I decided to put together songs that are the final tracks on albums. The last track can really make a difference on how one views the album as a whole, especially for those of us who like to listen to albums all the way through. A lackluster closing track and leave a bad taste in one’s mouth in regard to the entire album. So, I put together a podcast of songs that I like and think are good examples of closing tracks. I hope you hear stuff you enjoy.


Minor Threat, “Salad Days” (Complete Discography, Dischord)
– – –
Wild Animals, “A Fitting Way to Say Goodbye” (The Hoax, B-core)
Hot Snakes, “Death of a Sportsman” (Jericho Sirens, Sub Pop)
White Lung, “Paradise” (Paradise, Domino)
Exit Order, “Clear the Dust” (Seed of Hysteria, Side Two)
Super Unison, “Scars” (Stella, Deathwish)
– – –
Yage, “Save the Fear Slave” (Anders Leben!?, Level-Plane)
Deeper, “Trust” (s/t, Fire Talk)
Guided By Voices, “Peep-Hole” (Bee Thousand, Matador)
Liar’s Academy, “Washing Machine” (Demons, Equal Vision)
Self-Evident, “We Built a Fortress on Short Notice” (We Built a Fortress on Short Notice, Doubleplusgood)
– – –
The Replacements, “Answering Machine” (Let It Be)

Practically Imperfect in Every Way by Jamie L. Rotante

One Punk’s Look at Social Anxiety, Neuroticism and Other Fun Stuff

(illustration by Laura Collins)

Confidence is an elusive mistress. She courts me with her feminine wiles, her perfectly catted eyes that hide behind heart-shaped sunglasses and full, redder-than-red lips. She wears her dark hair in victory rolls that sit high atop her head as she lifts her chin up and walks through doors with assuredness that makes men cringe.

She is me in my fantasies.

In reality, my eyeliner looks like I’m a Black Swan reject and my lips are forever feathering, as I burn my fingers on my curling iron while my “rolls” split and fall. I’ve misplaced my heart-shaped sunglasses to parts unknown and I’m constantly in a rush, so I shrug and accept it as “good enough” before slumping my way out the door and always making sure other people enter doorways before me.

Confidence is my fantasy.

But confidence is more than just appearances and badass makeup. It’s partially about how you present yourself to the world, but it’s also about how you think of the world and your place within it.

As previously stated, confidence is my fantasy.

I don’t think I can remember the last time I felt 100% sure about something I’ve done. Confidence is a fleeting feeling for me—my moments of triumph are often blocked by moments of total doubt and self-consciousness. Praise always makes me feel sheepish—when I’m congratulated on a job well done, all I can focus on are the ways in which I don’t deserve the praise and what I could instead be doing better. In terms of the “larger picture,” I’m constantly questioning about my place in the world; my inner voice is loud and full of commentary on society and how I can change it, but I find it hard to verbalize those thoughts in a way that will get others to listen. When I do talk, I feel that others aren’t interested in what I have to say and that I’m instead rambling on like a damn fool for no reason.

Confidence is only unattainable because I keep blocking myself from attaining it.

Unfortunately, I am not alone in this. It has been proven that women have lower self-esteem on average than men, and often disregard or downplay any hard work they’ve done to achieve their goals. Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, authors of the book Womenomics, have noticed that, after talking with multiple highly successful women in America, that most women regard their success as luck or some other attribute beyond their reach. In an article published a few years ago in The Atlantic, the two women also noted there is a vast confidence gap which separates the sexes and that “compared with men, women don’t consider themselves as ready for promotions, they predict they’ll do worse on tests, and they generally underestimate their abilities.”

So not only am I totally devoid of confidence, I’m also completely unoriginal in feeling that way. In all of the ways I wish to have camaraderie with my fellow women, this is not one of them. Another reason for women’s lack of confidence in our abilities comes from our apparent need to be perfect. Shipman and Kay state that “underqualified and underprepared men don’t think twice about leaning in. Overqualified and overprepared, too many women still hold back. Women feel confident only when they are perfect. Or practically perfect.”

Perfectionism is the ultimate confidence cancer. Nobody’s perfect—even Mary Poppins. “Practically perfect in every way” my ass—you know, practically perfect because she acts as stand-in mother for the terrible, terrible woman who’s being such a shitty parent because she’s too preoccupied with fighting for women’s rights. Or how Ms. Poppins forced children to believe they were liars instead of allowing them to freely expand on the limitless possibilities of their imaginations. She had a pretty bitchin’ pair of purple shoes, though.

Maybe cultural and pop cultural cues constantly reinforce this need for maternal perfectionism as the ultimate goal, leaving us non-mothers to feel as if we only truly have one end goal in our collective lives, causing one existential crisis after another. Maybe this lack of confidence stems from a more scientific place. Much research has been done to explain why there is this notable gap in self-esteem between men and women and there is even scientific evidence provided in that very same article from The Atlantic. MRI studies have shown that women tend to activate their amygdala—the brain’s “fear center”—more easily in response to negative emotional stimuli than men do, suggesting that women are more likely than men to form strong emotional memories of negative events (those social media trigger warnings aren’t something to fuck with). Basically, women will constantly think back on negative events of the past more than men. I, as I have already mentioned, try not to talk on behalf of all women but goddamn if that isn’t true.

But what does all this science mumbo jumbo prove? That I’m predisposed to worry myself into a tizzy over every little move I make or word I utter until I render myself mute and motionless out of fear of making a mistake or overstepping my boundaries? That only weirdo, blind-to-the-world’s-pressures, robotic alpha-females can conquer this fear of confidence until they become feminist icons and I’m just not meant to be one of them? Is it that what I really fear is confidence itself and, in turn, confident, outspoken women? Or have I just fetishized it/them to a point that it’s a weird, masturbatory fantasy that achieving it wouldn’t make it as fun to ruminate over?

Am I overthinking all of this? Is that what I’m just supposed to do because I’m a woman?

Here’s something I am confident in: my inability to answer everything. I’m also confident in my stubbornness and unwillingness to accept that I’ll never have the gait of a women who knows what she wants and where she’s headed, who doesn’t stumble over her own words or start to cry when she’s overly passionate about something. I’m confident that fantasizing about my future self as a self-assured woman is a source of temporary happiness for me on a daily basis, and a goal I still look forward to attaining.

I’m at least 70% confident that I’ll be 100% confident someday.

Webcomic Sundays #380 by Chris Kill

Chris Kill is an artist and vocalist for the Houston-based band ColourNoise. Instagram: @ChrisKillCo and @ColourNoiseBand. Click here for full size of the comic


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Deb Frazin Photo Column – Steven McDonald

Deb Frazin Photo Column - Steven McDonald

(click for full image)

Keith Morris was kind enough to hook me up with a photo pass at the last minute for this show, and I was extremely grateful, because Steven McDonald was on fire that night! He’s always been one of my favorite musicians to photograph onstage because he’s so animated!  It had been quite a while since they’d played their last show, and they put on a very tight set that night. Off! Doesn’t play very often, so it’s always a good idea to catch them whenever the opportunity arises. They never disappoint!


Razorcake Podcast #646 with Ska Phase

All aboard for another episode of Ska Phase where we play some oldies
and some oldies playing newies.

Ska Phase is three punks discussing their love for one of the most
maligned and under appreciated genres associated with punk: ska.

Bruce Lee Band, “Song #2 (Part 2)”
Ethiopians, “Train to Skaville”
The Deltones, “Show Off”
– – –
The Specials, “Ten Commandments”
Symarip, “Train Ride to Rainbow City”
The Gadjits, “Bullet in The Mattress”
– – –
Duck Missile, “Friendship”
Dennis Brown, “Westbound Train”
The Aquabats, “Super Rad!”
– – –
Toots & The Maytals, “Monkey Man”
Assorted Jelly Beans, “Eighth Grade Nerd”
Rico & The Rudeboys, “Biafra”
– – –
Beat Masters, “Ska Train”

Featured Record Reviews Razorcake 110–Old Firm Casuals, Black Dots, Bob Mould, Dead Bars, Pandemix, Radon, Uranium Club

Illustration by Abdul Vas

I’m pals with this lot, so if you think you’re getting an unbiased opinion, you’re tripping. Mercifully, I don’t gotta lie. The boys have pulled it off! Keeping the street rock’n’roll backbone they started with, they have opened up the playing field taking nods and winks from NWOBH, AC/DC, Motörhead, and even some of the dodgy later Rejects LPs. The addition of second guitar brings a thickness to the sound and the recording sounds like they are a fucking stadium band. I can see the band really coming together with all members bringing pasts and presents to the table. Don’t get me wrong—this is still punk as fuck—but they have transcended the bootboy world into something totally new and interesting. KILLLLLLLLLLLLER. –Tim Brooks (Pirates Press,

BLACK DOTS: Everything Has Gotta Change: LP
Technology has become accessible enough that everything can sound and look good these days. You can take a picture with your fucking phone for the cover of an LP. We’re constantly surrounded by total morons releasing records that people absolutely love; at least for a quick moment. That’s why when a record comes along with songs and lyrics that really resonate, it just feels different. It’s exhilarating! It feels like it used to feel! And I love it, and it reminds me how important these goddamn things really are. Colorado’s Black Dots are comprised of people you might recognize from The Achievement and Vena Cava. They play that introspective, heart-felt style that cities like San Diego and Tampa blew the doors off of in the 2000s, faintly blended with the musicality of post-hardcore DC. But this isn’t nostalgia. This is so current and vital, and that’s what makes it so beautiful, and inspiring, and painful. On a two hour bus ride to my uncle’s house for a family gathering, headphones on, I listened to this album on repeat. Five months later there are parts that still give me goose bumps. When you question your existence, you might not get the answers you want, but at least you get answers. –Daryl (Snappy Little Numbers / La Escalera)

BOB MOULD: Sunshine Rock: LP
The power of Bob compels me! If there has been one thing in the last thirty years that I can count on, it’s that Bob Mould is eventually going to write another batch of exquisitely crafted songs. I jumped on the Hüsker Dü train right at the last stop, but a few years later Sugar came along and kicked me into submission with more hooks than a Nova Scotian tackle box. Many great solo records followed the demise of that band, but the best ones have been since he picked up his current backing band of Jason Narducy and Jon Wurster back in 2012. Sunshine Rock is a fine addition to Mould’s discography. The press has really been leaning into the fact that this is Bob’s “positivity” trip and the songs are happy. The truth is, I never notice when he’s being negative or dark because his music always puts a smile on my face and a welcome worm in my ear. This album is no different. –Ty Stranglehold (Merge,

DEAD BARS: Regulars: CD
For a long while I’ve been saying Dead Bars are one of my favorite local Seattle bands. It’s time to drop that qualifier. They’re one of my favorite bands, period. Have I been hearing some of these songs live over the past year or so? Yes, but I have never heard them like this. The guitars are huge—a personality all their own. I suspect the vocals were slightly pushed back to bring up these arena rock riffs and fuzz effects. Fret not though; John Maiello comes through snotty and clear, albeit a little quieter in the mix. His trademarked raspy sing shouts are still carrying us through Ramones level lyrical simplicity. “Producto Toxico” starts off with a sweet, slow tempo guitar riff and an egg shaker for several measures until Maiello swoops in with a story about drinking Pacifico in Mexico. It’s way Tom Petty, but also way rock’n’roll. Then “Rain” comes charging in with these harmonies and Thin Lizzy leads and it just gets to me. How can a song about walking home in the rain make me want to dance and cry at the same time? I love Dead Bars. It’s almost not even fair to us that they are this good of a band. Do we deserve Regulars? I’m willing to find out. –Kayla Greet (A-F)

Okay, so there’s a lot to talk about here. First off, this is a collection of primarily tape-only released songs recorded between 2008–2018, collected here for the first time… and they’re great lo-fi synthesizer jams with tons of hooks! For real, the songs on here are the upper echelon of great, bouncy synthpop and more distant-sounding coldwave tunes. Sometimes punky or garagey, other times not, but nearly always with the synths being the main attraction. Other Digital Leather that I’ve heard didn’t necessarily stick with me but these songs are different, as they seem catchier than I remember. This entire release is super solid, and this doesn’t seem like a collection of newer and older tunes. Instead, it feels like a super cohesive release, and I’m super into it. Secondly, the packing on this record is fucking insane. Hand numbered LP covers with beveled corners and a hinge glued onto the cover as part of the artwork, including a sixteen page booklet and other goodies. The entire package is well thought out, front and back. Overall, I can’t recommend this enough. –Mark Twistworthy (Stencil Trash,,

LOST SOUNDS: Memphis Is Dead: LP
Another repress of this venerated band’s second album, originally released in 2001. Eighteen years hasn’t diminished its impact a whit—simple instrumentation pushed to its sonic limits in a heady mix of new wave, synth punk, lo-fi punk, ’60s psych pop, synthpunk, and death rock that roars, snarls, whispers, and rocks in wild abandon. The band is still spoken of in respectful tones and with good reason: they were one of those rare bands that was able to transcend punk’s increasingly polarizing pigeonholes, generate a strong buzz around them, and actually deliver the goods. Essential to any collection. –Jimmy Alvarado (Big Neck)

PANDEMIX: In Condemnation: LP
This record is so good, I worry that I am not going to do it do it justice. It’s politically charged monologue-punk, with equal parts hardcore, skate punk, and Red Dons-style post-punk. The record comes at you like a sonic blast, unrelenting until the final note. It, at times, made me wonder if the entire thing was done in one take since the songs move into each other at such a breakneck pace. This record is intimidating as hell! The rose on the cover, being stomped by a high-heeled shoe, is representative of your brain which is about to get its ass kicked. The closest band I could think to compare Pandemix to is PEARS, and I wouldn’t say that really nails it. The wildness is there, though, the unpredictability. You never know when the song is going to make a sudden breakneck turn into something else entirely, and that’s amazing. It’s been a while since a record so viscerally grabbed me by the opening notes and refused to let go. It’s been a few days since my first go and I’m still thinking about this record when I’m not listening to it. My highest recommendation, we could all use a moment to check this one out. –Gwen Static (Dirt Cult, / Boss Tuneage,

: Ghost Dance: LP
Ten years after its initial release on K Records, Ghost Dance has been re-issued on the Haints’ home base label Arkam. As far as the punk people playing acoustic instruments game goes, this band and this album in particular are the shining-fucking-star in the infinite universe of lesser acts. There’s just so much atmosphere on this record. You can’t avoid being transported into their world with welcoming arms for another raucous night of “smash skull blues.” Damn near perfect. Long live the Haints! –Daryl (Arkam)

RADON: More of Their Lies: LP
I mean, fuck. Nobody told me that this new Radon record easily holds up with anything that they put out in the ’90s, and I don’t take that shit lightly because those records used to be some holy grail shit for me. But yeah, this is really, really good. The same humorous songwriting is present, along with all the hooks—all of them. A lot of bands can write a catchy-as-fuck melodic punk song, but nobody does it quite like Radon, a band who has mastered the craft of writing about hilariously typical things with a cynical slant. This is chock full of the kind of songs that get stuck in your head hours after listening to them and you can’t get them out. I needed this record, and you probably need it too. –Mark Twistworthy (Dead Broke, / Creep)

LES THUGS: Tout Doit Disparaître: LP
I only received this LP two weeks ago, but it’s already become my most heavily rotated album of 2019. And hey, even though it’s a reissue, it totally counts. Les Thugs’ 1999 opus, Tout Doit Disparaître, was rereleased by French record label Nineteen Something, and I’m super happy it was. This album makes me feel all the feels. Right out the gate I was hit with a romantic wave of nostalgia reminiscent of when I first discovered My Bloody Valentine. Sung in both English and French, Les Thugs take their listener on a journey through the melody-steeped sounds of the ’90s—a little Heatmiser here, a little Tripping Daisy there, yet somehow still wholly ahead of its time. For me, it’s a pretty perfect album. Dig it. -Simone Carter (Nineteen Something,

URANIUM CLUB: The Cosmo Cleaners: LP
A couple of years ago I had the good fortune to be sitting in the kitchen at Razorcake HQ sipping a Tecate when Todd put on a record. “I think your really going to like this” was all he said. That was my introduction to The (Minneapolis) Uranium Club. It’s safe to say that Todd has edited enough of my reviews over the last fifteen (?!) years to be an authority on what I am going to like, and he was correct. I was hooked instantly. I am a huge fan of the weird. When I first got into punk rock, as much as I loved Dead Kennedys, Misfits, and Sex Pistols, I was also drawn to Butthole Surfers, Scratch Acid, and Nomeansno. Uranium Club is straight up weirdo shit and they’re glorious. The Cosmo Cleaners is out there. Disjointed chaos yet laser focused. For a moment I found myself wishing I still got high because this album would be a blast while blasted. As a whole, I don’t think this album is as good as All Them Naturals but that is a pretty tough album to beat. That said, tracks like “Flashback Arrestor,” “Man Is the Loneliest Animal,” and “Geodesic Son” are absolute rippers and the twelve minutes-plus “Interview with the Cosmo Cleaners” is a journey, to say the least. Another winner for the bastard sons of Devo, Minutemen, and XTC. –Ty Stranglehold (Fashionable Idiots,

: Trash On!!!: 6 x LP
P Trash records was one of the few international labels that I can think of that during most of the 2000s released a steady stream of solid punk and garage records by bands from all over the world. In January of 2018, P Trash records founder Peter Eichhorn was tragically killed in an automobile accident. The news came as a shock to his immediate family. Word quickly spread amongst his friends and the punk community. Peter’s wife Susanne released a statement on the label’s website asking for some time to tie up any loose ends the label had but also regretted to announce the label would be no more. Later, it was announced that with help from friends No Front Teeth and FDH Records, a compilation—the final P Trash release—would be a tribute to Peter. Trash On!!! is a set of six LPs with a total of 104 bands, with nearly half of those songs previously unreleased. The six albums are housed in two album jackets and sit inside a specially made screen-printed tote bag. The track listing is a veritable who’s who of punk and garage bands including recognizable favorites such as Mean Jeans, the Spits, Statues, Jay Reatard, Steve Adamyk Band, Digital Leather, Dean Dirg, M.O.T.O., Poppets, Nervosas, Hatepinks, and tons of other great bands. The bigger names who lent their talents to this collection serve as a reminder of how someone who would otherwise go unrecognized in a crowd meant so much to the artists we all know and love. On a more personal level, as someone who has lost a dear family member to an automobile accident, I can attest to the strength of love and friendship during a very difficult time when your life is forever changed in the blink of an eye. Peter touched so many lives and the reciprocity of their love shines through in this compilation. Hug your friends and family. Tell them you love them. Buy your friend’s band’s records. Make new friends and keep in touch as often as possible. Because without love, what the fuck are we all even doing here? Cheers, Peter. –Juan Espinosa (P Trash, FDH, No Front Teeth,,,

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