ProcrastiNation by Jamie L. Rotante

ProcrastiNation by Jamie L. Rotante

How my anxiety causes me to procrastinate… which then gives me massive amounts of anxiety.

Eden Kittiver Photo Column – Baron Bandini

Baron Bandini - Eden Kittiver

I always love discovering a new DIY space, so, of course, this show was a cool one.

Razorcake Podcast #492 with Kayla Greet

It’s been nearly a year to the date from when that terrible tyrant got elected and the world has tried to self-destruct ever since. Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, mass shootings…. what the fucking fuck?

One Punk’s Guide to Rap Music by Chris L. Terry

One Punk’s Guide to Rap Music

Generally, rap is the music while hip hop is the culture that surrounds it. These days, rap is the dominant form of music in the United States.

Webcomic Wednesdays #245 by Elly Dallas

Click for full size

Razorcake Podcast #491 with Thirsty Thursdays, Presented by The Dollar Boys

Live Halloween Special! Tune in now!

Interview with Evaluate What You Tolerate! Organizer, Vanessa by Nicole X

Evaluate What You Tolerate


Amina Cruz Photo Column – Causa

Causa - Amina Cruz

Darcy Crash Distro’s Fighting Evil by Moonlight was host to Causa’s first performance.

Razorcake Podcast #490 with Garrett Barnwell

Dispatches from the South Bay bubble.

One Punk Goes to the Movies – How The Goonies Prepared Me for Punk by James Rosario

Goonies James Rosario

The Goonies was a game-changer, and I’d never be the same again. The film was a box office hit enjoyed by a generation of kids and parents alike. For me, it was an eye-opening experience, turning me on to the notion of ineffectual adults, greedy capitalists, inclusive politics, and DIY ethics.