Webcomic Wednesdays #376 by Sam Grinberg

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Razorcake Podcast #641 with Mike Fournier


Razorcake 110, featuring Xetas, One Punk’s Guide to a Vegan Diet, Kamala Lyn Parks, Weird Paul, and Divtech


“The best thing you can do is shut and listen sometimes” –David, from Xetas interview

Lorien Lamarr Photo Column – Pity Party

Pity Party writes bummer punk as far as you know…. Why? Doesn’t it look like a downer?

Razorcake Podcast #640 with Kayla Greet – Asian Man Records Edition!

Mike Park is a punk rock treasure. Not only did he help to bring third wave ska into our ears, he’s been in countless wonderful bands, and put out even more wonderful records.

Destroy the Silence by Jamie L. Rotante


How choosing to remain silent about my struggles with anxiety tends to lead to even more stress.

Webcomic Wednesdays #375 by Mikie Manzer

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Razorcake Podcast #639 with Jennifer Federico and Todd Taylor

Since music such a big part of my life, it’s a tissue that connects—sometimes almost subconsciously or invisibly—as real as any fleshly ligament. Exhibit A. I pulled core of these records from the heavy rotation stack in the front room. Some new—fresh out of mail order boxes—some old.

Webcomic Sundays #374 by Silas

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Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column – Avail (feat. Beau)


You are either starting to get tired of hearing about Avail or getting more and more excited about the idea of seeing Avail again. I’ve been living in an Avail-a-thon of late as they decided to play a few shows to celebrate twenty years since their album Over the James.