Lorien Lamarr Photo Column – Zeta


The members of Zeta are from Venezuela and have applied for permanent U.S. residency after touring in the United States for the last two years. . If you want to show your support for keeping this inspiring and hardworking band together, you can sign the petition on change.org.

Razorcake Podcast #628 with Jimmy Alvarado

“He’s courting oblivion with a lover’s zeal/He wants to fall deeper, ‘til he disappears” –Alice Bag

Featured Record Reviews Razorcake 109–Blood Blush, Buzzcocks, Kepi Ghoulie, S.B.F, Spiritual Cramp


Webcomic Wednesdays #363 by Michael Seymour Blake

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Razorcake Podcast #627 with Jimmy Alvarado

“The battery’s charging, but the engine’s blown.” – Adolescents

Webcomic Sundays #362 by Steve Thueson

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Louis Jacinto Photo Column – The Alley Cats


Punk, But Good Looking Too!

Razorcake Podcast #626 with Adel Souto, The South Florida Edition

I’ve lived all over the U.S., but I’ve always wound up returning to south Florida. Not sure if it’s the weather, the beaches, where all my oldest friends are, or just my luck, but here I am again – like it, or not. Well, if you can’t fight them, join them, and what better way to join them, than be part of the music scene? I thought I’d try to get as many outsiders involved in the south Florida music scene too, and there’s no better way to introduce you to it, than the Razorcake Podcast.

Top 5s from Razorcake 109 featuring: Bad Sports, Iron Chic, Muro, Sick Thoughts, Lisa Marr and The Tranzmitors, Toys That Kill


Webcomic Wednesdays #361 by Rick V.

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