Razorcake Podcast #501 with Tim Brooks, RIP Fred Cole

A renegade who exemplified everything about the DIY spirit. Fred built his house from scratch, made his own guitars and pressed his own goddamn records. I haven’t been this affected by the death of someone outside my own family since John Peel died.

Featured Zine Reviews from Razorcake Issue 100: King-Cat Comics and Stories, Not Like You, Slingshot, Subdude, Suburban Struggle

Featured Zine Reviews from Razorcake Issue 100

Thoughtful and serene moments epitomize the brilliance of King-Cat Comics; every experience—no matter how mundane—is valuable, meaningful, and worthy of documentation.

Jawbreaker live review and full set audio by Kayla Greet

They frontloaded the set with some more mellow tracks like “Jet Black,” and for the first four songs everyone had their own space to enjoy the show. For a bit I felt like I was the only one in the room and appreciated the tranquility of the crowd. You almost couldn’t hear the stage vocals over hundreds of people singing in unison to their favorite songs.

Daisy Noemi Photo Column – The Tissues


The Tissues perform at Razorake’s 100th Issue Celebration.

Razorcake Podcast #500 with Thirsty Thursdays, Presented By The Dollar Boys

500 Punx Rule!

Teenage Alcoholics: Punk Rock in East Los Angeles by Jimmy Alvarado updated and revised 2017

Punk Rock in East Los Angeles by Jimmy Alvarado

I feel it’s important to stress that this was intended to be a primer on East L.A. punk and not a definitive history.

Webcomic Wednesdays #250, “Punks in Japan!” Part 1 by Ollie Mikse

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Razorcake Podcast #499 with Yvonne Drazan, The Left Side Of Latin – “Latin Fusion”

Latin music is not just about Salsa and Mariachi. There is incredible music created all over Latin America and Spain that is “left of center”, that I will introduce you to with each podcast…and I promise to throw in some punk here and there too!

Razorcake #101 now available, featuring Phranc, Mike Watt Part II, Sammus, and One Punk’s Guide to Professional Wrestling


Phranc, an out lesbian since the mid-‘70s, is a first wave L.A. punker. She’s been here since nearly the beginning and was in the epicenter of amazing music.
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