Razorcake #96 now available, featuring Pedal Strike, Fur Coats, Sharkpact, and One Punk’s Guide to Rap Music by Chris L Terry

“…if you want to impose a ban on my family’s ability to physically come visit me, force anyone to register into some kind of Muslim database, and continue to ostracize, oppress, and demonize myself and others like me, I will be your loudest, angriest, most unrelenting nightmare. I am a warrior and I come from a very long ancestral line of warriors. Just try and fuck with me, or my family; I am generations strong and you don’t fucking scare me.” –Donna Ramone

Razorcake is proud to announce that the winner of the first annual Chris Pepus Prize

Christopher Gordon and his article, “One Punk’s Guide to Peace Corps Service.”

Vermin on the Mount, LA at Book Show, Fri., Jan 20

Join us for a night of irreverent readings with Jade Chang, Dana Johnson, Joshua Mohr, Vi Khi Nao, Louis Rowan, Melissa Yancy and your host Jim Ruland. Books and merch will be available for sale. Come for the mayhem, stay for the world-famous Vermin rafffle! Poster by L.A. artist Anny Yi.

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Issue #96 Release Show at The Offbeat, January 20th

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Razorcake <3s Drinking Beer and Listening to Records Returns Saturday, January 14

Razorcake’s patented punk rock happy hour, Razorcake <3s Drinking Beer and Listening to Records, is making its triumphant return to Footsies! We’re breaking in 2017 with a stellar crew of vinyl-only DJs, spinning the finest slabs o'wax the early evening of Saturday January 14th.

Tear A Cognita #09: Las Vegas, Nevada | A series of free, downloadable, regional comps.

Bands in Las Vegas don’t simply give up trying to find an audience due to the fact that they are competing every night of the week with national acts that play the mid-size to larger venues, instead they play twice as hard to get their music out there.

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