Razorcake 100th Issue Celebration Punk Show at Cafe NELA

Come out and celebrate 100 issues of Razorcake with 4 ripping bands!

Razorcake 100th issue celebration reading Fri., Oct. 13, 8 PM, Avenue. 50 Studio, Highland Park

Razorcake 100th issue celebration reading

Razorcake 100th issue celebration reading Fri., Oct. 13, 8 PM, Avenue. 50 Studio, Highland Park. Readings by Razorcake familia with a special performance by PHAG (Phranc and Alice Bag).

13 Years of Vermin in LA

Vermin 13 Year Anniversary

Join us on Friday, August 18 at 7:30 for a special anniversary event at Book Show in Highland Park as we celebrate 13 years of Vermin on the Mount.

Razorcake #99 now available, featuring Bad Sports, Midnite Snaxxx, Jaime Hernandez, This DIY Project Called Survival: Homelessness, Creativity, and a City in Crisis, and One Punk’s Guide to Gardening

Razorcake #99

“That’s the thing about homelessness: it’s right there, if you’re looking.” –Cheryl Klein

Razorcake Octo-shirt

Razorcake Octoshirt Lucha

Your favorite Octo-design is now in t-shirt form. Be quick. We didn’t make that many.

Help Razorcake Stay in Business: June Subscription Drive. 10 Issues for $17.

Razorcake #98 now available, featuring Mikey Erg, Mia d’Bruzzi (Frightwig, Mudwimin), Seeing the Scene through Punk Photography, and One Punk’s Guide to Peace Corps Service

“My mom tells me that I learned how to read because I would force myself to read liner notes on the backs of albums” –Mikey Erg.

Razorcake ❤️s Drinking Beer and Listening To Records, May Edition

An evening most magical to commence!

Razorcake presents…Radioactivity and Bad Sports, live in Los Angeles!

Texas is knocking at your door, will you answer?

Vermin on the Mount L.A. | Friday, April 14. 11 at Book Show

Join us for a night of irreverent readings with: Natashia Deón, Meg Howrey, Jarrett Kobek, Tiffany Scandal, Bridget Quinn, and your host Jim Ruland.