Razorcake Issue #03, Archived: In case you missed it the first time.

Here’s Razorcake #03 in a free, on-line format. Definitely not as cool as in print, but that’s why we’re giving it out for free almost six years after it first sat on the floor of Razorcake HQ.

This issue contains: Interviews with Duane Peters, The Weird Lovemakers, Tadpole, The Dagons, and Friends Forever filmmaker Ben Wolfinsohn. Jimmy Alvarado’s article on A History of East LA Punk. Columns: Davey Tiltwheel takes on AOL/Time Warner, Art Fuentes debuts his Beezle comic, Designated Dale battles collector geeks, further adventures of Felizon Vidad teaching middle school in a ghetto, Rich Mackin‘s story about going to Buffalo for a protest against the FTAA, Nardwuar versus Thor, Harmonee interviews magicians, ReTodd proves that Spin Magazine‘s vision has been clouded by living for years with their heads up their asses, Part 2 of Roger Moser Jr.‘s series on the King of Rock and Roll (still not Elvis), more comics with Gary Hornberger, further reports of dinghole stretching madness by the Rhythm Chicken, and Sean Carswell gets stranded in Alabama. Plus tons of record, zine, and book reviews.

If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you’ll need it, and you can download it for free here: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

It’s a big file, so it may take some time to load. After it loads, you can click on the tab on the left that says “Bookmark” and you can jump from column to column, section to section.


Take care.

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