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· 1:Patrick Houdek Photo Column - Lost Cross House
· 2:The Backpatches of NYC (Collection 5)
· 3:The Falcon, The Copyrights, Sam Russo live at the Troubadour, July 16, 2016
· 4:Razorcake #93 Now Available, featuring Basement Benders
· 5:#414 with John Di Marco

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Razorcake #93
One Punks Guide to Pinball, by Kayla Greet
Razorcake #92
Spokenest, Gone, Gone, Gone LP
Pinned In Place, Ghostwritten By LP

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The First Annual Chris Pepus Prize
The winner will be awarded 350 dollars.
By Staff

We are looking for pieces that capture and also push forward Pepus’s spirit of fairness. They also must engage with and confront social class issues. (Or, in Pepus’s words, they must be “against class bigotry.”) Submissions should be well written, non-fiction, and punk applicable. Pieces can be narratives but must be research-based and factual.

Razorcake #93 Now Available, featuring Basement Benders
Aaron Cometbus, Eureka California, and Lenny Lashley
By Staff

“Pipe Bomb played around two or three in the morning,
and you called somebody out because they had brushed their teeth....
why are you minty-fresh at two am?! ...What’s wrong with you?"

Vermin on the Mount Saturday June 11 at Book Show

By Staff

Razorcake #92 Now Available
The Rival Mob, Downtown Boys, Bleached, One Punk’s Guide To African Politics, an
By Staff

“I cut my teeth on punk in the late ‘80s, early ‘90s. It was a scarier time at shows and I don’t miss the violence. I think it’s stupid to romanticize people getting stabbed, rat-packed, curbed, and crippled to prove that punk was dangerous or a threat. Yet I still sometimes crave nastiness in the music itself—unapologetic, raw-meat, acid-in-the-wound, life-is-fucked, punch-a-koala, it-won’t-get-better hardcore punk.”

Big Frank Harrison suffered a massive heart attack.
Please consider donating
By Staff

Big Frank Harrison -- former manager of Zed Records in Long Beach, CA and owner of Nemesis Records -- suffered a massive heart attack. His nineteen-year-old daughter administered CPR that saved his life. Please consider donating to Big Frank Harrison's Big Heart Fund.

Tear A Cognita #07: Minneapolis, Minnesota
A series of free, downloadable, regional comps.
By Staff

Minneapolis, Minnesota has never been for the faint of heart.

Pinned In Place LP Now Available
Melodic DIY punk from this LA band.
By Staff

Stream it! Buy it! Repeat!

Razorcake #91 Now Available

By Staff

Featuring: Iron Chic, The Bombpops, All Dogs, Scott McCaughey,
and “Exploring the DIY State of Mind” with Daniel Makagon

Razorcake Embroidered Patch
Nautical Punx, fly your lavendar colors
By Staff

Up the radness of your punx vest with our sweet new nautical patch design.

Tear A Cognita #06: San Pedro, California
A series of free, downloadable, regional comps.
By Staff

"Start your own band!"

Drinks for the Little Guy ebook Pay-What-You-Will
By Sean Carswell
By Staff

Gorsky Press published their first book, Drinks for the Little Guy, in 1999.
The book has been out of print for years.

Vermin on the Mount and Gorsky Press Proudly Present
Live from Book Show, February, 19th, 2016
By Daryl Gussin

Stories read in front of a live audience.

Vermin on the Mount at Book Show Friday Feb. 19

By Staff

With irreverent readings by Siel Ju, Scot Sothern, Kevin Moffett, Josh Stallings,
Rebecca Gonzales and your host Jim Ruland.

#90 Now Available
Featuring: One’s Punks Guide To Outlaw Country, Pears, Fugue, Martha
By Staff

“The trends may come in waves, consuming the inexperienced, but authenticity
was there the whole time. Calm, collected, sitting on the beach with a boombox
and a cooler, watching the show.”

Vermin on the Mount and Gorsky Press Proudly Present
Live from Book Show, October 30, 2015
By Daryl Gussin

Stories read in front of a live audience at Book Show in
Los Angeles, CA as part of 
Vermin on the Mount.

Razorcake and LA Zine Fest present RVIVR, Pinned in Place and Badlands
Sat., Feb. 6, 9 PM at Pehrspace
By Staff


Thank You Video: 2015 Donation Drive

By Staff

Thanks to everyone who donated to this year's drive. We couldn't do it without you.

Last Day to Donate to Razorcake

By Staff

Today is the last day to get in on the party and donate to Razorcake!

Only 3 Days Left to Donate to Razorcake

By Staff

Private moments are better with a zine on your lap. 
Donate to Razorcake, and help keep bathrooms across the world magical and comforting.

Tear A Cognita #05: Seattle, Washington
A series of free, downloadable, regional comps.
By Staff

Seattle is a city with a rich musical history that sometimes distracts from what is currently happening. 

10 Days Left to Donate to Razorcake

By Staff

DID YOU KNOW: if you donate $75, we'll give a skate deck to a local kid! 
It's okay, that's not the art they'll get. All this and more in this year's donation drive!

23 Days Left to Donate to Razorcake

By Staff

Zine robot is fueled by your donations.  
Just twenty-three days left to help keep him running.

Razorcake #89 Now Available
Featuring: Total Control, Nervosas, The Slits, and Jake Smith, Part 2
By Staff

“…it falls to us as punks and as reasonable, curious people, to seek out 
the histories that aren’t readily available.” 

New White Murder LP Out Now!
Split Release Between Recess and Razorcake
By Staff

Save yourself, with yourself, from yourself.

One Month Left to Donate to Razorcake
Please help.
By Aaron Zonka

Pie-covered Dale is sure to get you in the giving spirit!
Watch the video for the full effect.

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