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Vermin on the Mount at Book Show Friday Feb. 19

By Staff

With irreverent readings by Siel Ju, Scot Sothern, Kevin Moffett, Josh Stallings,
Rebecca Gonzales and your host Jim Ruland.

#90 Now Available
Featuring: One’s Punks Guide To Outlaw Country, Pears, Fugue, Martha
By Staff

“The trends may come in waves, consuming the inexperienced, but authenticity
was there the whole time. Calm, collected, sitting on the beach with a boombox
and a cooler, watching the show.”

Vermin on the Mount and Gorsky Press Proudly Present
Live from Book Show, October 30, 2015
By Daryl Gussin

Stories read in front of a live audience at Book Show in
Los Angeles, CA as part of 
Vermin on the Mount.

Razorcake and LA Zine Fest present RVIVR, Pinned in Place and Badlands
Sat., Feb. 6, 9 PM at Pehrspace
By Staff


Thank You Video: 2015 Donation Drive

By Staff

Thanks to everyone who donated to this year's drive. We couldn't do it without you.

Last Day to Donate to Razorcake

By Staff

Today is the last day to get in on the party and donate to Razorcake!

Only 3 Days Left to Donate to Razorcake

By Staff

Private moments are better with a zine on your lap. 
Donate to Razorcake, and help keep bathrooms across the world magical and comforting.

Tear A Cognita #05: Seattle, Washington
A series of free, downloadable, regional comps.
By Staff

Seattle is a city with a rich musical history that sometimes distracts from what is currently happening. 

10 Days Left to Donate to Razorcake

By Staff

DID YOU KNOW: if you donate $75, we'll give a skate deck to a local kid! 
It's okay, that's not the art they'll get. All this and more in this year's donation drive!

23 Days Left to Donate to Razorcake

By Staff

Zine robot is fueled by your donations.  
Just twenty-three days left to help keep him running.

Razorcake #89 Now Available
Featuring: Total Control, Nervosas, The Slits, and Jake Smith, Part 2
By Staff

“…it falls to us as punks and as reasonable, curious people, to seek out 
the histories that aren’t readily available.” 

New White Murder LP Out Now!
Split Release Between Recess and Razorcake
By Staff

Save yourself, with yourself, from yourself.

One Month Left to Donate to Razorcake
Please help.
By Aaron Zonka

Pie-covered Dale is sure to get you in the giving spirit!
Watch the video for the full effect.

Please Donate to Razorcake
or the whole thing dies
By Staff

...along with these non-gender-specific buddy robots!

Razorcake Donation Drive 2015

By Staff

It's time for Razorcake's 2015 Donation Drive!

Razorcake <3’s Drinking Beer and Listening to Records
Sat., Nov. 11, 5-10 PM at Footsie’s
By Staff

After a brief sabbatical, the Razorcake <3s Drinking Beer and Listening to Records crew is coming back at ya with a special edition of our monthly punk rock happy hour event.

Exclusive Stream from Acid Fast
From their Last Night on Earth full-length. Out soon!
By Staff

Acid Fast, Last Night on Earth
Out Soon on Salinas / Stupidbag

Tear A Cognita #04: San Diego, California
A series of free, downloadable, regional comps.
By Staff

Below the surface there survives and thrives a wonderful world of punk, hardcore, noise, garage, thrash, and psychedelic bands that never seem out of place sharing the same bills.

Under the Rainbow, A Punk Novella by The Cuntifiers
Presented by Razorcake Records & friends, RZCR-24
By Staff

This is our first release in a new free CD program. Brought to you compliments of an outside funder. Available in all 1st Class Subscription. Available in our online store for everyone else who doesn’t have a 1st Class Sub.

Razorcake #88 Now Available
Featuring: Worriers, Peach Kelli Pop, Urinals, Jake Smith (Part 1)
By Staff

“What is DIY if it isn’t living one’s life as a life of action?”

Razorcake #88 Pre-order. Ships Oct 1.
Featuring: Worriers, Peach Kelli Pop, Urinals, Jake Smith (Part 1)
By Staff

“What is DIY if it isn’t living one’s life as a life of action?”

Razorcake Pehrspace Residency Preview Videos!
9/12, 9/19, 9/26, and 10/03 at Pehrspace!
By Staff

Preview Videos!

Photographer Rebecca Rodriquez Eastside Punx 1988-1991
Opening Night Aug. 15, 2015, Espacio 1839
By Staff

The bulk of the photos presented in this exhibition, taken at various Eastside locations during 1988-91, have never been publicly exhibited or published.

Razorcake #87 Now Available
Benny The Jet Rodriguez, Octagrape, Listen Lady, Western Addiction, Divers
By Staff

Benny The Jet Rodriguez reminds me of the ninety-nine percent of L.A.
that never gets on TV. They sound like morning haze burning off and giving way
to 326 days of sunshine, cracks in the sidewalks from the roots of trees,
1960s AM radio, and Mexican food in strip malls. Simple pleasures.

Chris Pepus, In Memoriam
A Collection of Chris’s Contributions
By todd

America is entrenched in full-scale class war.
Chris Pepus’s body of work is fearless, compassionate, controlled, and information-rich.
In the evening of Monday, June 9, 2015, Chris Pepus took his own life.

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