Amanda Kirk and Liz Prince Interview Podcast by Donna Ramone

As someone heavily invested in comic books, DIY punk, and feminism, I called Amanda (in Texas) and Liz (in Maine) from the comfort of my (Utah) home, to talk about all three of those things; as well as their upcoming project, internet plagiarism, and rust stains on puffy vests.

Coady and the Creepies is incredibly enjoyable for the likes of you or me, but even better is that it will inevitably introduce young girls to DIY punk in a way that’s inclusive and motivating, as well as entertaining. These aren’t bad guy comic book punk criminals; these are independent women dying their hair, playing guitar, going on tour, and having really complex relationships with ghosts.

Opening song: “Creepies R GO!” written by Danny Bailey (Jabber) and Liz Prince, performed by Danny Bailey, Stefan Hanson, and Kyle Folsom.

Coady and the Creepies #1 is available March 15, 2017 on BOOM! Box.

Buy it from your local comic shop. (
(Or you could probably ask me for one, since I’m buying every last copy in Salt Lake City)

-Donna Ramone

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