9/11 Never Let Me Forget, Updated and Expanded By Donna Ramone

Originally printed in Razorcake 81, Aug./Sept. 2014, here is a printable PDF of Donna Ramone’s 9/11 Never Let Me Forget. This version is updated and expanded.

What ding-dong doesn’t love falafel?

The pages are sequential. We figured out how to do it on our end, but, man, printers are wildly different.
Here’s how you can do it:
To print this PDF using Adobe Reader (download free here)
(You need a printer with the ability to print on both sides on pieces of paper.)
Open Adobe Reader / Print
Pages to Print: All
Print / Under “Page Sizing and Handling,” select “booklet”
Booklet subset: Both sides
Sheets from: 1 to last page (varies zine to zine)
Binding: Left
Orientation: Portrait
The preview should show the back and front cover.
These zines are also available directly from Razorcake for $1, here.