Webcomic Sundays #346 by Cathy Hannah

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Lorien Lamarr Photo Column – The Penske File

Lorien Lamarr - The Penske File

The Penske File delivers a raw energy that inspires crowds to behave like raucous idiots. At one point a crowd surfer dove off the side stage during a song break—to no music.

La Tuya Podcast Interview by Todd Taylor

When I listen to La Tuya, I hear the grand tradition of East L.A. backyards. I can almost see the dust rise up from the pit as they blast from my speakers. The band is smart, funny, and pissed. Their songs oscillate easily between both Marxes—Karl and Groucho.

Razorcake Issue #72 from 2013, featuring Eric Oblivian

Razorcake Issue #72

“We asked Greg Cartwright if he wanted to start a band. He said. ‘That sounds stupid. Why not?'” -Eric Oblivian

Webcomic Wednesdays #345 by Mikie Manzer

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Razorcake Podcast #610 with Johnny and Elwood

You are cordially invited to our punk rock dance and sing party.

Featured Record Reviews Razorcake 108 – Neighborhood Brats, Color TV, Radon, Tommy And The Commies, Marked Men


Claw Marks is a 383 mile laceration that rages harder and faster than any high-speed train ever could. –Daryl

Webcomic Sundays #344 by Eskander Fairweather

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Eden Kittiver Photo Column – The Flatliners


The Flatliners always bring a great show and this one was no different. The crowd was dancing, crowd surfing, and singing along all night long!

Razorcake Podcast #609 with Garrett Barnwell

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