Louis Jacinto Photo Column, Tomata du Plenty, The Screamers

Louis Jacinto Photo Column, Tomata du Plenty, The Screamers

This year Tomata du Plenty, front man for the iconic punk band The Screamers, would have turned seventy. Wow! It’s one thing for me to see the musicians who I followed every move when I was a kid grow old, but now to see my contemporaries age too?

Razorcake Podcast #546 with CJ Miller

Kiss your friends. Hold their hands. Tell them you love them.

Webcomic Wednesdays #277 by Clay Doran

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Razorcake Podcast #545 with Kayla Greet

In the second installment of my record label showcases, I’m doing my best to cover three decades of music put out by Todd Congelliere. Having started this label in his bedroom to get some F.Y.P records out into the world, he’s released so many awesome bands.

Daisy Noemi Photo Column, Taleen Kali

Daisy Noemi Photo Column, Taleen Kali

Taleen Kali enamors the Hi Hat crowd with her vibrant pop rock set performing tracks from her EP, Soul Songs, which is set to debut June 22nd and was produced by Kristin Kontrol (formerly of the Dum Dum Girls).

Razorcake Podcast #544 with Kurt Morris

Life-changing bands start with J

Drunks With Guns at Liars Club, Chicago, Ill., 5/05/2018 By Tim Jamison

Drunks With Guns

Legendary St. Louis band Drunks With Guns played their fifth show ever, and first in thirty-three years. I had to go; I had seen all four previous shows. How could I miss the fifth? The future is really weird.

Webcomic Wednesdays #276 by Elly Dallas

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Razorcake Podcast #543 with Garrett Barnwell

Return of the Prodigal Son, Part 1

Pouzza Fest 8 By Matty Weaver

Pouzza Fest 8

A retrospective on some of the sets of Pouzza Fest 8 in Montreal, Quebec. The reviews cover acts from all three days, spanning all the shades of punk that Pouzza prides itself on showcasing.