John Cassavetes–Outsider Extraordinaire: One Punk Goes to the Movies By James Rosario

John Cassavetes–Outsider Extraordinaire

John Cassavetes is credited with kickstarting the American independent film movement. His work inspired countless filmmakers for decades and generations. Directors like Martin Scorsese, Kenneth Anger, Peter Bogdanovich, and John Sayles (to name just a few) saw his films and decided that if Cassavetes could get it done, so could they. His knack for drawing out real and raw human emotions from his actors is unmatched. He managed to sidestep the help and interference of major studios to do it all on his own terms, with the help and unwavering support of his wife, the great Gena Rowlands.

Amina Cruz’s Photo Column — Pelón Suelto, Martin Crudo

Amina Cruz’s Photo Column — Pelón Suelto, Martin Crudo

Martin Crudo held his birthday celebration at Chico this past December. Generacíon Suicida, Dorian Wood, San Cha, and Pelón Suelto performed.

Razorcake Podcast #516 with Mike Fournier

Winter doldrums? No!

Webcomic Wednesdays #260 by Rosie Gonce

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Seattle Pop Punk Fest 2018 by Kayla Greet

Seattle Pop Punk Fest 2018

Sicko came out of retirement to celebrate pogoing, Converse All-Stars, and leather jackets for the first-ever Seattle Pop Punk Fest. The two day event covered three decades worth of melodic North West bubblegum bands— seventeen in total!

Razorcake Podcast #515 with Yvonne Drazan | The Left Side Of Latin – “Faves of 2017” with special guest Justino Aquilar

Latin music is not just about Salsa and Mariachi. There is incredible music created all over Latin America and Spain that is “left of center”, that I will introduce you to with each podcast… and I promise to throw in some punk here and there too!

One Punk’s Guide to Gardening by Jon Mule

One Punk’s Guide to Gardening

Figuring out that a seed could be placed in the ground to produce more fruit is the greatest technological advancement in the history of the world…. I consider it a revolutionary act to get off the computer, go outside, and plant a seed in the dirt.

Daisy Noemi Photo Column – Neon Music

Daisy Noemi Photo Column – Neon Music

New York native, Neon Music, dazzles the Zebulon Café crowd with her glamorous retrowave performance during the fundraiser for the Women of Rock Oral History Project.

Razorcake Podcast #514 with Thirsty Thursdays Presented By The Dollar Boys

Thirsty Thursdays, Presented by The Dollar Boys is a highly unorganized group of individuals who get together to play the best and worst of old and new, punk, hardcore, and god knows what else.

Razorcake/Gorsky Press is proud to announce the pre-sale of Mike Faloon’s book The Other Night at Quinn’s.

The Other Night at Quinn’s

Mike Watt of the Minutemen exclaims, “Whoa, these spiel batches pack much punch and got their grip way into brain-frame! Faloon had me captured and I had to keep reading.” Wayne Kramer of the MC5 adds that it’s “…a deeply personal dive into the psyche of a hardcore music fanatic…utterly indispensable. A truly great read.”