Featured Record Reviews from Razorcake Issue 94: Adolescents, Alice Bag, Descendents, G.L.O.S.S., Martha, Rough Kids, Sass Dragons, Toys That Kill


“The moon is full of shit tonight” is clearly pretty much the best line anyone wrote, ever.

Razorcake Podcast #424 with Griffin Wynne


I never grew out of harboring gushy grade school crushes. And honestly, I don’t want to.

Come celebrate Self-Help Graphics’ Dia De Los Muertos | Alice Bag, live | Weds., November 2, 2016


Razorcake is honored to participate in Self-Help Graphic’s 43rd Dia De Los Muertos, Wednesday, November 2, 2016. We will be giving away an especially-made, stand-alone zine featuring Alice Bag’s interview with Nardwuar the Human Serviette.

Webcomic Wednesdays #193 by James Kittle-Kamp (Part 3 of 3)


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The Backpatches of NYC (Collection 10) by Adel Souto


I’ve been taking pictures of people’s backs for years now and never get tired of learning of new artists, bands, styles, as well as getting to know the folks who carry them around wherever they go.

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column – Born Against


East Coast – West Coast: Legendary DIY Hardcore

Razorcake Podcast #423 with Kurt Morris

Good? Bad? What’s the difference? With this podcast, it’s all good.

One Punk’s Guide to Outlaw Country by MP Johnson


Enter a handful of pill-popping cowboys who had some wild ideas and a relentless determination…

Webcomic Wednesdays #192 by James Kittle-Kamp (Part 2 of 3)


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Razorcake Issue #45 from 2008, Featuring Leatherface, RKL, Bad Reaction, and articles Election 2008, Let’s Wreck the Party: Rethinking Political Affiliation, and Infoshop? Infoshop!


Tobe Hooper fans, rejoice! The U.K.’s arguably best intricate punk band returns to talk about their fancy gear and beat the shit out of everyone they can!