Webcomic Wednesdays #228 “Kurthulhu” Part 6, by Jeff Kahn and Morgan Hale

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Payload, a short story by John Miskelly

john miskelly payload

The call of duty. The call of nature.

Louis Jacinto Photo Column – The Alley Cats

Tight and Loud!

Razorcake Podcast #458 with Bryan Static

Bryan Static here, checking in on my mystic voyage to the edge of life itself. Life continues to be a rough road with little time for frivolities. Here is an album’s worth of music that I think is good. Maybe you will too. I’m not placing any bets.

Top 5s from Razorcake 98: Crusades, Career Suicide, Songs For Moms, Cyanide Pills, El Banda, Uranium Club, and Street Eaters

Razorcake 98 Top 5s - Crusades

Webcomic Wednesday #227 by Elly Dallas

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Daisy Noemi Photo Column – Alice Bag

Alice Bag goes acoustic.

Razorcake Podcast #457 with Daryl

Hope these “hot trax” offer some respite from the rest of the outside world.

The Heartlights interview by Alxis Ratkevich


What do E.T., dumpster diving raccoons and power pop love songs all have in common? The Heartlights first album …oh dear…