Razorcake #56 from 2010, featuring Thee Undertakers, Billy Bragg, Dude Jams

Razorcake 56

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Webcomic Wednesdays #239 “Kurthulhu” Part 8, by Jeff Kahn and Morgan Hale

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Interview and Reading Podcast with Kevin Maloney, by Jim Ruland

Jim Ruland, Razorcake contributor and host of Vermin on the Mount, interviews Portland writer Kevin Maloney. They discuss Kevin’s writing process and how he managed to write a novella in under two weeks. After a short conversation, Kevin reads from his work-in-progress, Getting Over Wendy.

Featured Zine Reviews Razorcake #99: Gratitude, Fluke, Minor Leagues, No Exposure, Rum Lad, Trust

Gratitude Zine review Jackie Rusted

Gratitude is all about straight edge and hardcore—two things I give a marginal shit about at most—and it’s absolutely one of the best things I’ve read in forever. –Keith Rosson

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column – The Accüsed

The Accüsed

The Accüsed were one of the early bands to crossover between hardcore thrash and thrash metal, with wicked guitars and manic energy with their own self-described genre “splatter core.”

Razorcake Podcast #479 with Bianca and Daisy

Bianca and Daisy join Todd at Razorcake HQ to listen to some eclectic tunes and talk about everything from the Olympics to the changing landscape of Los Angeles—mostly off the air, though. Listen anyway!

Bad Cop / Bad Cop Tour Photo Essay by Eden Kittiver

Bad Cop / Bad Cop

I have a passion for working with influential feminist bands, so there’s no better band to travel the country with than the amazing women in Bad Cop / Bad Cop.

Webcomic Wednesdays #238 by Donna Ramone

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Razorcake Podcast #478 with Sean Arenas

With a tote bag full of 7”s, I partied solo at Razorcake HQ.

Featured Book Review from Razorcake #99: Everyone Loves You Back

Louie Cronin Everyone Loves You Back Laura Collins

I don’t believe this novel would have ever been published by a large or even medium-sized commercial press. No one dies, commits adultery, is raped, suffers a mental breakdown, uses magic, fights monsters, or any other device that publishing companies find marketable today.